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  1. KayleighMeek

    Sick of pain

    I am so sick and tired of being in constant pain I don't seem to ever have relief from joint pain I have times when it gets a bit better but it never lasts. I struggle putting anything over my feet getting dressed is a struggle, going up and down the stairs takes more effort than it really...
  2. KayleighMeek

    Arthritis flare again

    I'm starting to really struggle physically and mentally with the joint pain that I have I only have brief periods of it not being there and usually that's when I am on steroids. Has anyone been on any treatments that have really helped them with this? Also has anyone had surgery on their bowel...
  3. KayleighMeek

    Advice when to start prep?

    Hello, So I am due to have a colonoscopy on Sunday (yippee) at 1230 and I am going to be starting the dreaded prep Saturday. What I am unsure of is if I should take the first sachet In the morning or start in the afternoon as on the paperwork I received it says if you are scheduled an afternoon...
  4. KayleighMeek

    Potential new treatment of IBD

    Just seen this on the bbc website of a new treatment and wondered if anyone else has seen anything about this? It says in the article that it would be useful in treatment of UC but I guess it could help some with crohns in the colon. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-33868839
  5. KayleighMeek

    New arrival

    Hello A bit of an update from me, on the 11th may at 10:05 I had my little girl weighing 7lb 15oz. She is so beautiful I can't take my eyes of her but need to stop to try and rest lol. We had to stay in hospital for a few days as her blood sugar was very low and she wasn't able to maintain it...
  6. KayleighMeek

    Anti tnf (cimzia) and breastfeeding

    Hello all, I am pregnant and due in may and want to breastfeed up until now no one GI, midwife or obstetrician has said I wouldn't be able to whilst taking cimzia and have all seemed happy with my choice. Yesterday I phoned my rheumatologist office as they prescribe the drug for me and asked...
  7. KayleighMeek

    Cyst/abscess during pregnancy

    Hello, Just posting on here as I am in some discomfort and it's not something I have experienced before. I have had a sore bum all day this morning it wasn't so bad and thought it was just some irritation from wearing pads but it is worse it hurts to sit or lay down and even walking I can feel...
  8. KayleighMeek

    Weight gain in pregnancy

    Hello everyone, Been thinking about the weight I should be gaining during pregnancy and looking for anyone's stories. I am 15 weeks pregnant and have been reading from various places that I should have gained some weight one I read up to 5lbs. I haven't gained anything and lost 4lbs from the...
  9. KayleighMeek

    Severe back pain after BM

    For the past few days I have been having extreme back pain after a bowel movement and sometimes when I get those familiar stomach grumbles. It's to the point where I cannot move and I am starting to think I am going to have to phone someone to come and rescue me off the loo. It does go away...
  10. KayleighMeek

    Can I still take cimzia?

    Hello all Hope you have managed to enjoy some of Christmas. I will be speaking to my dr about this as I forgot to ask today and now I will have to wait until after the bank holiday but wanted to see if anyone had anything similar. I went to the dentist today as the left side of my face is...
  11. KayleighMeek

    Work meeting about sick days

    Hello all, I have a meeting next week at work because I have now reached a trigger point for the sick days I have had off. I have had a few occasions of being off work but I wouldn't consider it to be excessive its only when I am not physically able to work I don't go in and sometimes I really...
  12. KayleighMeek

    Thought it was a skin tag could it have been an abscess/cyst?

    Warnings in advance but this isn't the nicest thing but I guess a lot of you have been through something similar. I have had to wear a pad for some time now as I have had slight leaking most of the time and more so after BM's. I have fissures and a lot of very large skin tags which makes it...
  13. KayleighMeek

    Medications when TTC and during pregnancy

    Hello all, I know this part of the forum is quiet but wondering if anyone has any experience of coming of methotrexate and really struggling? I am trying to come off methotrexate at the moment and I am having a tough time as I am already having symptoms after coming down from 25mg to 17.5mg. I...
  14. KayleighMeek

    Feeling tired and a bit sad

    Just felt I had to write this out as I can't stop going over and over in my head. I am feeling really frustrated I am trying to reduce my methotrexate dose, after speaking to my rheumatologist and getting the ok, it's just not going well at all. I have gone from 25mg to 17.5mg and I am in a lot...
  15. KayleighMeek

    Muscle cramps

    Hello all Firstly I'm sorry for posting another question it's all I seem to do lol. I am having really bad muscle cramps and wondering if anyone else has experianced anything like this? I have searched and found info about muscle pain but not the cramps. The cramp I am getting is like nothing...