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  1. kc0eks

    Hello all

    Hey everyone, Sorry for my lack of being here, I am good at vanishing. Lately I have been trying to run my own computer repair business while at the same time struggling to even get out of bed because of extreme pain... I have recently gotten a whole lot worse, and I swear every day is just...
  2. kc0eks

    Bidet toilet seats

    Hey all, For a long time now I have thought that a Bidet type seat would be amazing for most of us..now that I have had a fissure for a year or so any type of wipe is about as painful as sand paper and just isnt working well. I wonder if any of you have one, have used one, or anything along...
  3. kc0eks

    Back Pain

    Hey all, I have for a while now had quite severe back pain and have yet to find anything that helps it. I have tried a number of muscle relaxants and they only seem to help for a week or so and then become ineffective. My gastro doc seems to think this is caused by crohns, so I wonder if any...
  4. kc0eks

    Hey all, miss me?

    Hey everyone, Missed all of ya :) I have been feeling...well..terrible so I havent been doing much of anything except sleeping and hanging out near a bathroom...hah. good times... So ya, I really have no faith in my doctor, nor any other doctor I have seen. Ive been on prednisone now for...8...
  5. kc0eks

    Approved for disability. Finally :)

    Hey all, As some of you know ive been doing the social security game for a while now, and FINALLY got approved. 2 years of doing their crap, and one hearing. I do feel lucky the judge sided with me though, else I dont know what I would do. Now I get to wait for them to decide how much I get...
  6. kc0eks

    IBD and autism

    Hey all, After some recent education on my part, I learned quit a bit about myself..interestingly enough I am finding out that the various issues I have seem to be inter-connected..never would have guessed :) Anyway, now I am wondering who else may have IDB and either diagnosed or thinks they...
  7. kc0eks

    Kc's Story

    Hey there everyone, Been a while since I have joined a new forum, so lets see... Back when I was about 16 I started having the symptoms we all know too well, and I spent the better part of my days in the bathroom. I was a freshman in high school, and lets just say the bathrooms offered no...