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    LDN and steroids

    I have heard that ldn can be run alongside 10 mg prednisone when necessary. Does anyone know if you can do ldn with entocort or budesonide instead of pred? Specifically I have 9 mg uceris tabs.
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    Lecture on fitness and nutrition

    I thought this was a very informative talk and hope some of you can benefit from it. Jordan Feigenbaum, MS Lecture starts at 4:50 or so http://vimeo.com/m/92360308
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    HGH or other peptides for crohns

    Anyone take any of these or talked to their doctor about them? Thanks.
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    What OTC allergy med works for you

    See topic title. I'm in the US, would like a recommendation from people with crohns.
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    Another body transformation thread

    June 19th I went to the emergency room because of extreme back pain and inability to urinate. The next day I had 2 different procedures done and they could not locate the abscess they knew had to be there. My colorectal surgeon checked the rectum/anus under sedation, and later that night a...
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    Options after remicade

    I've been on remicade for the past year and health wise it has been the worst year ever for me. I've had constant infections, whether they be sinus or perianal abscesses from my fistula tracts. Literally not a month has gone by without some infection. This all culminated last week with a pelvic...
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    Levator muscle spasms

    I was diagnosed with levator syndrome a few months ago. Since then I've been prescribed valium, zanaflex, and skelaxin at different times to treat the symptoms. Problem is, those meds only seem to work some of the time. After a few weeks of taking one, it stops working completely or I barely...
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    Standard prednisone taper

    Assuming I start with 40 mg, how should I taper off? Iirc my previous GI had me do 4 weeks at 40, 2 weeks at 30, 2 weeks at 20, 2 weeks at 10 mg, 2 weeks at 5 mg. I'm not 100% positive that was how I did it so I'm asking here for your experience.
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    Canasa side effects

    I have just been prescribed canasa. I take it at night, and the following morning I have a FLOOD of diarrhea. I have only taken it 2 nights so far but it has happened both times. Does anyone else have experience with this and if so, did he diarrhea eventually stop? In the past I have taken...
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    Calling all gym rats!

    In your experience what are the supplements you find useful for health/training, and what supps have you tried that caused you problems? I train heavily with weights when I am healthy enough to do so, and I like to try different products. But, I want to avoid anything that might set off a flare...
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    Empty stomach during remicade infusion

    Does anyone have any experience trying to get your remicade on a full stomach vs empty stomach? Today I they were running slow and the infusion started 6 hours since my last meal. After the infusion was over I actually felt pretty normal. I've been on a bad flare this week and normally the...
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    Supps requiring empty stomach

    Hello, I am having a problem scheduling my supplement regime. I have: florastor, primal defense, enzymes, colostrum, and glutamine all of which are to be taken multiple times daily on an empty stomach. I do not know which supps I can take at the same time or if any of these interact badly...
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    Garden of Life "Primal Defense"

    Around 2008 when I was first diagnosed with Crohn's I started taking a probiotic called Primal defense (in addition to 6mp, 5ASA, etc.). I really noticed a difference when I took the probiotic consistently and honestly felt it was doing more for me than the medications being prescribed by my...
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    New, diagnosed a year ago

    Hello everyone, my online name is Kel. Ever since I was little, I never had the best of bathroom habits. Two times during my childhood I was seriously constipated, and could not go to the bathroom for a week. As I grew older, my problems seemed to mostly go away. Unfortunately for me, in 8th...