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    Complete Proctocolectomy

    Well, I go in tomorrow morning...
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    Complete Proctocolectomy

    What kind of symptoms did you have prior to your diagnosis of cancer? Actually, at this time last year, I was doing really well. BMs 2-3 per day most days. 4 BMs in 24 hours was a bad day, and that was rare. BM quality was usually like applesauce, but sometimes better or worse depending on...
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    Complete Proctocolectomy

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    Complete Proctocolectomy

    Anyone had this? I have been diagnosed with cancer in the transverse colon. So far it appears not to have gone outward yet. Doctors say I must have the last part of the small intestine removed & everything down from there also removed, colon, rectum, anus. Have had Crohn's since 2006. Will have...
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    Anybody have a Flat Polyp Removed?

    Well, I got a second opinion. Got an MRI & another colonoscopy. Now it seems I have colon cancer, a carcinoma in the transverse colon, several more polyps, & ulcerations. The plan is removal of the colon & rectum & put in an ostomy. Strange thing is, I feel fine, except for my bowel movements...
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    Anybody have a Flat Polyp Removed?

    Anybody have a flat polyp removed? My G.I. Dr. says I need a surgical resection. I did some research & found a procedure called Endoscopic Mucosal Resection which is basically a more advanced way of removing polyps during colonoscopy. Dr. said EMR is "not appropriate" for me. Would not...
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    Surgery Advice Please

    Well, NOW I talk to the GI Doctor again and he says I may have to have my colon TOTALLY REMOVED to ward off cancer! Says the lesion in the descending colon is an adenoma or an adenomatous polyp which is likely to become malignant. Also suspects a tumor developing in the ascending colon. He...
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    Ivermectin and Fenbendazole

    I'm sure you have all heard about people using Ivermectin for Covid. I decided to look into it for other uses, like IBD. Quite a few studies showing it shrinks tumors, including in colon cancer. Also used topically for skin lesions caused by Rosacea. Here's someone talking about using it for...
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    Anybody do the Anti MAP Therapy?

    Info here: https://crohnsmapvaccine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/AMAT-Patient-info-leaflet.pdf https://crohnsmapvaccine.com/treatment/map/
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    Surgery Advice Please

    One polyp removed, biopsy says benign. One lesion found, biopsy says no cancer now, but could become cancer in the future. Lesion cannot be removed by endoscope, too large, Dr. says. Go back to Dr. for follow up visit in one month which would be the end of this month (September). Will also...
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    Surgery Advice Please

    Got a colonoscopy last week due to blood test finding Anemia and a FIT test found blood. Found a Polypoid Lesion 40cm up in the decending colon. Not cancerous at this time, but the GI Doc says it could become cancerous if left alone. Last colonoscopy, 2015, It was apparently there listed on...
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    Advice on Applying for Disability

    Crohn's started Sept 2006. Never have had pain. No surgeries. One hospitalization when I got stopped up. Dr. found a stricture in my colon, but it cleared out naturally. That was my second colonoscopy. 1st two GI doctors didn't do much for me. 1st one got me on mesalamine, which made me worse...
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    Fecal Transplant

    Anyone do this? Seems to be getting some good reviews in the media for various digestive problems.
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    No treatment

    I've tried many treatments, none really did much for me, except Prednisone, which you can't/shouldn't take indefinitely. For a few months now, I've not taken anything but multivitamin, calcium with vitamin D, and folic acid. My condition doesn't seem to be changing. Anyone else doing nothing?
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    The Doc wants me to do Methotrexate. 25mg injections 1/week for 12 weeks then if it seems to work, 15mg/week in pill form. Anybody have experience with this?