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    Can anyone describe a flare?

    Hi, Fish, I have lived with Crohn's for 38 years, going through long periods of remission, and then having flares now and then. I think everyone might experience flares a bit differently but for me, it's been increased joint pain (this can also be caused by a sudden change in barometric...
  2. kiltubrid

    Moving Abroad while on Remicade - South America

    What did you do about your infusions in the 6 month waiting period?
  3. kiltubrid

    Covid-19 and immunosuppressant medications

    Please keep us up-to-date on your test results, Lisa. I live in a state that just reopened, and I'm concerned about returning to work in an office on a university campus.
  4. kiltubrid

    Remicade insurance for an international student moving to US

    First it's important to know that here in the U.S. the pharmaceutical industry overcharges terribly and plays an giant shell game with insurance companies. My Remicade infusions cost $26,000 per dose. Because of the high price, many patients here decide not to take Remicade because it's too...
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    BioSimilar Switch - Remicade to Inflectra

    I switched from Remicade to Renflexis and it did NOT work the same for me, even though everyone said it should be the same. I had a bad flare and my doctor fought insurance to get me back on Remicade, the only thing that works for me. A nurse closed the door to my infusion room and told me...
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    C Diff - no fever and no cramps?

    I ended up getting diagnosed with microscopic colitis, in addition to Crohn’s. I’m taking Budesonide to treat it, and that is working well. My doctor said it’s not common to have both, but it’s not unheard of. It took a long time to diagnose because we assumed it was a Crohn’s flare initially...
  7. kiltubrid

    Remicade / Renflexis Cough

    Has anyone had any luck with a remedy for the infamous Remicade cough? Or is it something you just have to live with as an unpleasant side effect? Otherwise Remicade has worked really well for me and I don’t really want to switch to something else that is less effective with both Crohn’s and...
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    Who Here Hates Colonoscopy Prep as Much as I Do?

    Prepping tonight for what will probably be about my 30th lifetime colonoscopy. Still haven't developed a taste for the electrolyte solution, although I have finally developed a method for keeping it down. Man, is that ever nasty stuff! :ywow: My older sister just had her 2nd lifetime...
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    Ankylosing Spondylitis in the Ankles

    I have had bad pain in my ankles for several months that my GP thought was plantar fasciitis. The stretching exercises for that didn't help so she sent me to the rheumatologist, and he pretty quickly diagnosed it as Ankylosing Spondylitis. I know most people get this in their hips or back...
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    Swelling/numbness in hands and feet

    I'm been on remicade since Sept 27, 2013, and since then have had swollen fingers with numbness and tingling (like if feels when a limb falls asleep). I also have the same to a lesser extent in my feet. It's especially bad in the morning when I first wake up, but it never completely goes away...
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    Starting Remicade tomorrow: what will it be like?

    I have my first infusion Friday at 3:00 pm CST. When I made the appointment, they told me to plan for 3.5 hours. I know I'll be hooked up to an IV, but I'm curious about what people do while they ae hooked up. Do you read? Sleep? Are there a lot of interruptions, or are you pretty much left...
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    Bruise at injection site with Cimzia

    I had my 3-month injection today and one of the two left a huge purple bruise at the site. A little drop of blood came out after I removed the needle, and I didn't much of it because that happened when I first got trained with a nurse. But a few hours later I noticed a big purple bruise about...
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    Cimzia Kicked in for me today (just after 2nd loading dose)

    I got really sick with the flu right before my 2nd loading dose and was feeling miserable for a few days, but am happy to report that the flu is clearing up, and today for the first time since I took 40 mg of Prednisone last summer, I am feeling better than I have in ages. No joint pain and my...
  14. kiltubrid

    Cimzia and the flu or a cold

    I took my first loading dose of Cimzia two weeks ago with no problems or ill effects (no good effects either, for that matter). Yesterday I took my second loading dose, and just prior to taking it (a few hours before) I started developing what I thought was a head cold with sore throat, runny...
  15. kiltubrid

    Does Cimzia Help with Joint Pain?

    I am starting Cimzia very soon, and am wondering how effective it is with joint pain. I have bad inflammation in my lower back and knees due to moderately to severly active Crohns (few digestive symptoms, but it shows as active up in biopsies and is really doing a number on my joints)...