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    Parents with kids with ibd

    I am pregnant and scared that I will pass my CD on to the child, I know it is a 2% risk, but I have read that the bacteria in the colon can increase risk of passing it on during child birth.
  2. krika

    CD and the brain

    http://www.livestrong.com/article/223727-crohns-disease-effects-on-the-brain/ Can it be? Bad news and scary reading
  3. krika

    Free online courses, degrees

    Hi Im so tired of this illness, it has taken over my life for sooo long now. I am home most of the time, not working and wish to have something productive to use my time on when I have a good day. Do you know of any free online courses and so forth, where it is possible to end up with a...
  4. krika

    Crohns and pain, is this normal? kinda confused

    Hi I have recently been diagnosed with crohns, I am on Imuran and vitamin D. My pain is in the lower back, upper back and arms + stabbing and aching pain in my ties, chest and head, which leads to headaches. I have severe fatigue and a generell feeling of being unwell, almost like the flue. I...