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    My poor lips!!

    Does anyone else have lip issues? My lips have been chronically chapped for years, but now they are red all around the lips, with occasional little bumps (not cold sores), and they are very uncomfortable. Is this Crohn's related, and what can I do about it?
  2. kromom1

    Injectable methotrexate dose/nausea

    I have been on oral methotrexate 15 mg for about 7 months now, but it's not really helping, so now my doc is switching me to injectable methotrexate and at 25 mg. I'm really nervous about nausea as I just don't handle that well. I take Zofran with my dose of oral methotrexate (as I threw up...
  3. kromom1

    Burning fingers/toe in hot/cold water

    Whenever I put my fingers or toes under hot or cold water, or handle frozen foods, etc., I get a burning pain in them. Does anyone else get this? I wonder if it could be an autoimmune thing? Thanks.
  4. kromom1

    Who is on methotrexate?

    Hey guys - I may be starting methotrexate injections very soon and would just like to know how it's working for you? Are the injections similar to the Humira injections, i.e., subcu injected into abdomen or thighs? And do they burn like Humira injections do? Do they come in pens like the...
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    Any other options?

    I'm seeing my gastroenterologist this Wednesday to discuss where we go from here. I have failed Pentasa, Entocort, Humira, Imuran, and now Remicade (with the lupus-type reaction leading to surgery). I do well on prednisone, but every time I go off, I flare up. I see my options now as Cimzia...
  6. kromom1

    Anyone with lupus?

    I was recently diagnosed with lupus, though the doctors haven't determined yet whether it is a drug-induced lupus from my Remicade treatment or if it is systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) another autoimmune disorder. Just wondering if there is anyone else out there who has lupus or has had a...
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    juicer I noticed on a different thread that some of you are using juicers. I've been thinking about buying one so that I can increase the amount of fruits and veggies that I consume. Can anyone give me a recommendation on what kind to buy? Does it need to be an expensive one in order to work...
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    Fish oil

    My endocrinologist has advised me to start taking fish oil for my triglycerides. All he said was to take 1-2 a day of the 1000 mg pills. I don't know anything about fish oil, except that I've heard of people having increased belching with taking it and having a bad taste in the mouth. Are...
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    May be starting Remicade

    My doctor wants me to start Remicade as I've failed everything else I've tried. It probably sounds dumb, but the thing that worries me the most about it is having to take the Benadryl beforehand and then being so tired afterwards and maybe have to sleep all afternoon! I have an 11-year-old...
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    Pen - how's it going?

    Just wondering how you are doing off the prednisone and taking the humira every week? Unfortunately I flared back up and wasn't able to get off the prednisone, am back on 15. Hopefully you are doing better than me! Lisa
  11. kromom1

    Reflux and leg cramps with pred?

    reflux and leg cramps with pred? Does anyone else have problems with gastroesophageal reflux disease and/or muscle cramps while on pred? Every time I have been on it now, I have had these problems. It gets really bad after I've been on the prednisone for a few weeks. The muscle cramps are in...
  12. kromom1

    Another newbie.....

    Hi all - I've really enjoyed reading everyone's stories. It sure is comforting to know other people understand!! I was diagnosed with CD August 2007. Tried Pentasa, azathioprine, and Humira as single agents (with 3-4 courses of prednisone in there too). Now have added azathioprine back in...