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    What is the offending ingredient.

    I tried something recently and one day I ate something I knew worked and something that I knew didn't next. The first day I had some ihop pancakes and that was it entire day. Next day I had a white bread turkey sandwich from subway all I ate all day. First day I was 100% healthy second I...
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    Humira and Creatine

    Starting to take creatine to gain some more weight and I want to make sure it is safe to take with Humira.
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    Psychological Side Effects of Humira

    Ever since I first started humira, for the following 3 days after injection I have very unpleasant psychological side effects. I've been on it for 6 months, and every single time I get these effects. It includes a feeling of going crazy and some anxiety. It always resolves after a few days...
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    How to deal with smell of setons?

    I got setons a few months ago and with humira the fistulas healed, but the setons are staying in for a few more months. How do you deal with smell and leaking? They aren't leaking pus anymore but some kind of liquid drainage is still happening. It seems like everytime I sit down and get up...
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    Been on levaquin for around 2 months now for a fistula and it has really gotten to me. I've been thinking that I'm going crazy - unlike anything that I have ever been through. Now I searched more about it and it seems relativley common to experience this with levaquin. I have to take it for...
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    Mess up humira - go again?

    I've been on humira for a month now, and the injection a few minutes ago got messed up and squirted everywhere. I did get stuck with the needle, but don't know what happened... very little probably went in. I have another one, should I go ahead and do it?
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    Stool passing after surgery

    2 weeks ago I had a seton surgery where 3 setons were placed and abscesses were drained. Now 2 weeks later, after I go to the bathroom stool keeps coming out of one if the fistula or abscess. Is this normal? My colo rectal looked at it 2 days ago and said everything looks good, but I...
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    SCD for Fistula

    After months of pain after bowel movements, I went to the doctor today and was told I had a couple fistulas. Their solution is to start on two biological drugs at once, but I want to try something natural at first, as I have waited a year with this pain so far. I am currently only on asacol...
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    Bad rectal pain after bathroom... Going to doctor

    A year ago I was diagnosed with crohns and since then I have been taking asacol, which has been excellent for treating the diarrhea and nausea that I had daily. But... Since last year when I was diagnosed and given asacol, I developed a severe rectal pain that only comes after taking a dump...
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    What is this?

    I was diagnosed with crohns around Christmas, and since the problems started I've had a bad burning and heavy feeling on my anus and entire lower region ONLY after going to the bathroom. Thankfully I only use the bathroom once right now, so that is under control, but what's keeping me from...