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    Starting Remicade Tomorrow...

    How long does it take to become effective? I know the loading phase takes about 6 weeks, mostly I'm just wondering how long people typically stay on prednisone for (it's already been 7 months!) after starting. Thanks!
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    Wondering if it's typical for a GI to prescribe both of these medications at once. I was diagnosed with Crohn's (terminal ileum) in mid-January 2015, and I was released from the hospital on Pentasa and 40mg pred, which was then decreased to 20mg, and currently 10mg. After my colonoscopy they...
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    1st Timer Tapering Prednisone

    I was just diagnosed with Crohn's about 3 weeks ago. Been on Prednisone since diagnosis and am just now beginning to taper. I was taking 20mg 2x/day and my doctor just lowered the dose to 10mg 2x/day. During the last two nights I have been awake in the very early morning (4-6am) with incredibly...