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    Remicade , joint pain and memory loss

    How old are you? I would also talk to a general doctor about those issues, especially the memory loss. Memory can be evaluated in doctors office. Do not stop Remicade on your own or you risk a relapse of CD.
  2. Lady Organic

    My body shuts down once a week.

    What does the GI say? it seems there's a pattern here and that you may simply have a reaction (side effect) to the medication.
  3. Lady Organic

    New, Confused, Humiliated and No Answers

    You could start with a fecal calprotectine. its a simple stool test intended to see if there is inflammation or not in your colon. An elevated number along with symptoms as you describe can help orient toward a possible IBD and call for colonoscopy. Prescribing Pentasa without imaging (scope or...
  4. Lady Organic

    Newly diagnosed 15 year old UC awaiting MRI so could be CROHNS

    Salofalk can cause GI disturbance including nausea and vomitting. Hope she is doing better.
  5. Lady Organic

    Accutane and Crohns

    Im also thinking about a possible association between acne vulgaris which is an inflammatory condition and IBD. Could both conditions have same root cause?... Antibiotics can also be prescribed to people who have severe acne. Antibiotics do for sure disturb the GI track and could be a trigger...
  6. Lady Organic

    Pain during bowel movement

    my disease is located in the left descending colon and when I am in a flare, I do have sharp cramps during BMs in this exact same area.
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    Interesting! I cant find the menus or allowed or excluded foods. Anyone has the list or general guidelines? Thanks.
  8. Lady Organic

    Ended up in the ER ugh

    Speedy recovery I wish you Lisa 🙏
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    Rectal corticoid foam, is it available where you live?

    I just found out Entocort enemas are available in Canada. and Uceris foam (same ingredient) will be available in July 2022.
  10. Lady Organic

    Inflammation markers

    same here. I am more precise and accurate then blood and calprotectine tests in recognizing a debuting stage flare. Experienced and qualified GI teams should know that. Insist on seeing the GI. If the nurse refuses and continues making you feel bad, inadequate and make you risk a deterioration...
  11. Lady Organic

    Rectal corticoid foam, is it available where you live?

    I am wondering if people in Canada or in the USA have access to hydrocortisone acetate foam. Where I live its totally discontinued unfortunately. Even cortisone enemas have just recently been discontinued. They used to be called Cortifoam and Cortenema. thank you!
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    Covid vaccine 3rd dose?

    Thanks guys. I just booked my appointment for oct 10th, but I'll try to go in a walk in clinic this week.
  13. Lady Organic

    Covid vaccine 3rd dose?

    Does anyone know when is the best timing to take the third dose? how many weeks or months after the 2nd shot? I had my 2nd shot in June. I'm am in the low range of protection (blood test confirming).
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    Crohns or not Crohns, an annoying 2 years or misdiagnosis

    Hi and welcome. Yes for a second opinion. Make your best to find a clinic or hospital with a gastroenterologist who will: 1) scope and take biopsies and, (if diagnosed with help of finding lesions compatible with IBD) 2) will be the one giving you a treatment from his/her observations +...
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    Covid vaccine 3rd dose?

    Not a surprise unfortunately... In Canada, there was absolutely NO information on the news telling immunocompromised patients to still be careful after vaccination. I've found this so irresponsible. It took forever for immunocompromised people to get standard vaccination schedule on top of it...