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  1. lari

    Stump fissure

    I have had a stoma for 7 years now. I still have my rectum and have always had trouble with bleeding and cramping. But the last 6 mos. I have gotten several fissures. How can thatg happen if you're not passing stool or anything thru there anymore? does anyone else with a stump have this...
  2. lari

    Blood transfusions

    blood transfusions I have been inte the hospital off and on for weeks battling pneumonia. . Due to my M.S. I have a hard time fighting off infections. Anyway I have gotten anemic again because of losing blood through the crohns symptoms during this flare-up for the last year. Does anyone...
  3. lari

    Going off prednisone problems

    going off prednisone problems I have bee on prednisone for a year. Averaging 40mg a day.... I have taken it before during the last ten years but this timethe side effects were worse. I have this "moon face" that isn't going back to normal. I gained 15lbs that I can't get rid of. I am...
  4. lari

    Dinner out was a bust

    dinner out was a bust So its Saturday night and I went out to dinner with my son and a few other people. Towards the end of the meal I started getting those awful cramps. I was careful about what I ate but I knew what was coming. I had to hurry everyone and only my son knows my situation...
  5. lari

    Another scope and it hurt!

    another scope and it hurt! I still have my rectum after my colostomy 8 years ago. I have been having pain and bleeding again down there so my G.I. doctor wanted to take a look with the scope. It was agreed when I set this up weeks ago that I would get sone kind of sedation like I usually do...
  6. lari

    Stoma rashes

    stoma rashes I can't always figure out why my skin will break out in a bad rash around the stoma. I know if I drink a lot of orange juice then I know my skin will get irritated. But other times I just seem to get this bad skin rash no matter what I eat. My stoma is active all day long so it...
  7. lari

    Stoma bleed

    stoma bleed I don't know if its just me but this last stoma the surgeon made for me ( my 3rd one in a different spot ) bleeds real easy with just the slightest touch. I have to be so careful when cleaning etc. Cause once it starts to bleed its hard to get it to stop. The other aromas I had...
  8. lari

    Bleeding rectum stump

    bleeding rectum stump Does anyone else who still has there rectum left after surgery.... I have bleeding and cramping every morning. It feels like still having the need to go to the bathroom even though there isn't anything in there. This is so weird but if I sit on the toilet for awhile like...
  9. lari

    Waiting/ scope test

    waiting/ scope test I have been here for 2 hours already and just now got in my gown and on the gurney .... but I was just told there are 2 others ahead of me. Sheeeesh I hate this! Its like a factory line of G.I. scope tests and I bet my doctor won't be looking up at my face long enough to...
  10. lari

    Hospital e.r.o

    hospital e.r.o I have been in the e.r. for endlesss hours. Acute pancreatitis again. I am not sure this time it is a side.effect. 6mp drug . Does anyone have experience with this
  11. lari

    Stoma hernia

    stoma hernia I am new to this forum. I have read many of the posts and learned a great deal. My problem is I have a hernia under my stoma. This is the second time this ha happened to me. I have had my colostomy for 8yrs. I had surgery a few years ago to remove a huge hernia under my...
  12. lari

    New day

    new day I am new to this forum and I have been reading so much good innformation here. I have had crohns for over 10 years. I have a colostomy and have had multiple hernia surgeries. Having the colostomy has been a blessing in disguise. No more mad dash to the bathroom. But I am facing...
  13. lari

    Diversion colitis

    diversion colitis Does anyone out there with a colostomy have diversion colitis? I have been plagued with this since I first got my colostomy 8yrs ago.... mainly bleeding and cramping in what's left of the rectum area. Any ideas or drugs out there that would help ease these symptoms?