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    Ileostomy surgery

    Hi everyone not been on for a while been in a flare up for months went in for routine colonoscapy on 8 of january and kept me in hospital. well on wednesday 23 i had surgery and have a stoma bag, surgery went well and in a few months time i will be haveing pouch surgery. The problem now is i...
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    Nicotine patches

    Has any body tried using nicotine patches to help UC? Lots on the net say they have very good results. What were the results for you? I am still struggling to get this disease under my control
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    Recouping blood

    I am in a bad flare Bloody Diarrhea 4 weeks, I am hammering the tabs down, trying to keep out of the doctors. any ideas as to How long will it take to recuperate all my lost Blood? I take two iron tabs a day
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    Hi all, After almost dieing last year I have been very well for 6 months. I just did a hugely stresfull house move across Europe (3000miles) and I have started a flare up with my UC. I started back on Imuran Medrol and Instafalk, vitamins omega 3, I take Iron and Pentassa granuals, bleeding...
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    Blood tests

    Hi again everyone, hope this years going well for you all? I'm in to see the Doc on Wednesday and had to get my blood taken today beforehand so I can take the results with me. Nurse took about 4 vials of blood, but then most unusual she stabbed my finger with the needle and waited looking at...
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    Please Help re alternative tablets

    Urgent Please does anybody know an alternative to Imuran? Imuran is killing me, I am losing my hair, it's stopped growing, I get like painful palpitations up my spine and in my chest, I feel sick all the time, my joints ache and also my lower back. One odd thing is, I can't even clean my teeth...
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    Happy christmas to you all

    Have a Happy Christmas everyone and a good New Year, and please keep well
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    Ian, update

    Hi for anyone interested here´s an update, I am writing from my hospital bed, I have been here three weeks now but I can go home tomorrow. When I was admitted I was really quite poorly and with all the straining on the loo had a huge hemorrhoid develop, One of the firsts things they did was cut...
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    Blood transfusion

    blood transfusion Hi every one this is ians wife heather, I just wanted to give everyone an update on ian. Ian was rushed in to hospital yesterday for a blood transfusion as he has lost so much blood. for the last 3 weeks he has been so poorly and getting worse and would not let me call his dr...
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    How long for drugs to take effect?

    Hi everyone, Just wondering how long Prednisolonene and Budenoflak take to start taking effect. I read it´s a very helpful drug, I am just coming to the end of my third week.
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    Another newbie saying Hi and my short Story

    Hello every one. My names Ian. Sorry I have to join this forum really, but I need all the help I can get, I wont be much help to anyone I´m afraid, I´m learning, but nice to meet you all, I will try to keep my story short. I Retired young in Uk, left to start new life in Spain, 3 months later...