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    Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone has suffered from hidradenitis as a result of stopping Humira? I have a rash and it's looking rather suspiciously like Hidradenitis and I'd like to know if anyone else has had this? I know Humira is sometimes prescribed to treat this condition but I never had...
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    Humira side effects

    Thank you for your advice, it is much appreciated. Best wishes.
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    Humira side effects

    I happen to have a patch of dry flaky skin on my hairline so that will be dermatitis then! I hope that clears off with the Humira detox too :-) thanks for your help and best wishes to you X
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    Humira side effects

    Hello fellow sufferers, Has anyone had any rosacea/dermatitis like skin issues? I never suffered from any of these symptoms before I started taking biologics. I have been having some odd red marks on my face and arms and wondering if its the Humira? I also appear to have local infections like...
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    Side effects of Humira?

    Ive had about 5 doses of Humira (first two were loading doses) but I've started having quite bad diarrhea and stomach gurgles. Has anyone else had this? It is almost like a flare up but not quite as bad. Also still passing some mucus and blood. Became immune to Infliximab which I found really...
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    Looking for suggestions

    I was diagnosed with Crohns in October last year, I had 3 Infliximab infusions, last one 3 months ago, I stopped them as Crohns went into remission and my hair has fallen out by the handful, I don't want to have any more Infliximab's but Im flaring now and Im looking for suggestions - ie. what...