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    Humira & weight gain

    Best of luck, it's very sad to see kids have to struggle with diseases like this.
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    Weekly Humira

    I've been on weekly for about 10 years. The doctor increased the dosage back then because I still had some pain and symptoms. It has been working much better and my bloodwork looks great still. You're right that most insurance companies won't cover the extra dose. I found success by having my GI...
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    increased Humira dosage to 1 pen / wk

    I do the 40mg injections and I was switched to once per week about 10 years ago. No issues.
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    Humira & weight gain

    Have you counted her calories for a week or two? Sometimes we don't realize how much we eat until we add it all up. When my Crohn's was more active I could eat 5000 calories a day and not gain weight.
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    Considering stopping Humira after 17 years, looking for advice.

    Hey guys, I have been on Humira since I turned 18, and I'm now 35 years old. I was part of the clinical trials and have been on the drug since. As far as controlling my Crohn's goes, the drug has done a great job. I'm happy and healthy; 5'11 and about 160 pounds. I've had no major side effects...
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    In remission and still battling fatigue - any tips?

    Hey guys, I've been doing really well on Humira for over 10 years now, and have been able to maintain remission the whole time. However, I still feel like I'm fighting the Crohn's fatigue, but I'm unsure if maybe I'm just expecting too much from my body. I own my business and have a very...