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    Ustekinumab infusion duration

    I have just had ustekinumab approved for me in the UK as nothing else is helping much. I have been told the first loading dose is an infusion. I wondered how long it takes and how long you have to be observed afterwards? I will be the first to have it in my hospital and so the doc/IBD nurse...
  2. littlemissh

    Pop up Dr bubble- Ask A Doctor Now

    Everytime i come on this forum I get a stupid pop up bubble called 'Ask a doctor now. I tried to ignore it but it pops up and when I am typing in a thread if it pops up my text goes in the Ask a Doctor box. Is there any way admin can stop this happening or people will stop coming on this...
  3. littlemissh

    St Marks intestinal failure unit

    Have any of the UK Crohnies been seen at St Marks intestinal failure unit? (or anyone who has been to an IF unit) . I am under the IBD specialist at St Marks as well as locally and was referred to the IF unit by the IBD consultant when I saw her this week. Apparently there are only 2 IF units in...
  4. littlemissh

    Severe nausea with oral methotrexate

    I just took my first dose of methotrexate 20mg last night. It was prescribed orally as my GI says that most people are fine with it orally and easier than another injection. I am already on weekly humira and various other meds and have no probs with them. I am usually very lucky and don't get...
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    Latest Vitamin D Guidelines -UK,May 13

    For those who are interested, this is the latest guidance that Health Professional in the UK are being asked to follow. It is by a working group led by the National Osteoporosis Society. Hope the link works. Vitamin D and Bone Health: A Practical Clinical Guideline for Patient Management...
  6. littlemissh

    [Submitted] Do any of the biologics have a lower infection risk?

    Hi, I have severe active upper GI/gastroduodenal Crohn's which initially was treated with prednisolone, then azathioprine, then aza plus adalimumab.Now adalimumab only. I had aza stopped due to persistent neutropenia and ended up with necrotising fasciitis requiring 7 debridements. Prior to...
  7. littlemissh

    American 'top' hospitals

    For those in the USA, here is an article listing the top hospitals. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/767582?src=mpnews&spon=34 Hope the link works
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    Pity party

    I can usually remain upbeat and remind myself that so many on here are having a worse time, but last couple of days am really fed up. Because of yet another blip requiring more blood and losing yet more weight, my gastro has not only decided to continue with tube feeding but that I have to have...
  9. littlemissh

    Update- still in hospital

    Hello all, Was asked by Happy to update whether I had escaped from my most recent hospital stay. I was admitted 12 days ago as my hb which always runs low despite regular transfusions dropped quickly so needed 4 units blood. I was also suffering from vomiting and pain etc etc. Those symptoms had...
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    Whipple's-anyone know anyone who's had this

    Well my gastro rang me today to tell me I need blood transfusion number 1 million. Unless Humira starts doing a better job in clearing the ulcers in my duodenum and small bowel,I will be looking at a Whipples procedure ( it seems the duodenum and part of the pancreas have the same blood supply...
  11. littlemissh

    Octreotide scan

    I have to have this in a couple of weeks to màke sure the multiple gastric/duodenal ulcers aren't caused by a gastrinoma. The patient information leaflet says it is done over 2 days - injection of radioactivity and then one type of scan a few hours later and a different one the next day. But it...
  12. littlemissh

    Humira/remicade and second immunosuppressant

    Saw my IBD nurse today as starting humira on thursday. I asked about stopping my azathioprine and after asking my consultant said he wants me to be on both. I am still on pred as well though guess that will be tapered fairly soon. I know my symptoms aren't exactly under control at the moment but...
  13. littlemissh

    Question about loading doses

    I am due to start Humira and have 'training' booked for the 6th Feb once all screening tests done. I was supposed to get a patient information leaflet but it hasn't arrived. So I have a couple of questions - does everyone get 4 injections for the loading dose. I read somewhere that some patients...
  14. littlemissh

    Humira and Elemental Diet

    Humira and Elemental Diet. Just been contacted by my consultant to say he has put into the PCT for funding for Humira for me. I will have to have a look on the Humira section and see how long it takes for it to work on average. Also on the cards is an elemental diet. I currently am on...
  15. littlemissh

    Merry Christmas everyone

    Merry Christmas everyone, For everyone who has had a good 2011- may it continue, for those whose year has not been the best,lets hope 2012 is better for you. This forum has given me and I am sure many others so much support and information that I thought a few festive wishes were in order...