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    Skin cancer and Asacol?

    I'm feeling pretty devastated as I've just been diagnosed with skin cancer. I'm concerned that maybe the Asacol has caused it?
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    Muscle weakness with Asacol?

    I'm having serious problems with muscle weakness and recently saw a physiotherapist for an assessment. She couldn't explain what has caused it, as I am generally an active person, haven't had any injuries that might be responsible either. It never occurred to me till just now that it could be...
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    Doing well

    I've not visited the forum for a while but I got an email in my inbox today, which reminded me of its existence (shows how good things are illness-wise - this forum has been such a lifeline at difficult times). I know how depressing it can be, especially for newish members, to read all the...
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    I've just bought a new breakfast cereal called NutriBrex. It is very like Weetabix (which I can't tolerate) but is gluten-free and made mainly from something called sorghum. I've never come across it before, and I've tried the usual googling, Crohns and sorghum etc, but found absolutely...
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    Really bad gut after dentistry?

    I had dental treatment involving numbing the mouth with an injection about ten days ago, and as well as lots of pain (now easing), I've had diarrhoea that seems to be getting worse, not better. I'm just wondering whether this could be connected with the drugs the dentist uses? Has anybody else...
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    Pain relief for dental pain?

    I had some dental treatment recently and my mouth is taking ages to settle down and the pain has been quite severe at times. I know I'm not supposed to take Nurofen etc with Crohns, and that is the most effective painkiller for dental pain unfortunately. Paracetamol doesn't work at all. What...
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    Ate a cake, so stupid of me

    I've been doing quite well recently, which gave me the feeling that I was almost normal. So being a bit fed up and just wanting my old life back, I had a big piece of gooey chocolate and orange cake, full of yummy orange sauce. Then I ate a veggie pie with lovely pastry (can't really eat...
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    I've just read on another thread that Asacol has been discontinued and replaced by Delzicol. Doing a bit of googling, I discovered this seems to have happened around 2013. I'm very puzzled because I was put on Asacol only a few months ago, and I'm taking it currently. So I'm wondering whether...
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    Why do people end up having emergency surgery?

    I'm wondering exactly how people end up having emergency surgery, is it because of severe pain, bleeding, weight loss etc? Being a big worrier I keep thinking it might happen to me and I want to know what to look out for - does your body give you warning signals for a while or does an emergency...
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    Budesonide (Entocort) with food?

    I'm on budesonide and the info leaflet tells you to take the capsules half an hour to an hour before food. My GI consultant tells me it's OK to take them with food (which is a lot more convenient at breakfast time). I'm confused - why do the manufacturers tell you to take them a while before...
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    Moon face on steroids?

    I keep reading about people getting moon face from steroids and I'm wondering how long it is before this happens, and whether it happens to everybody or just a percentage? I've been on pred enemas for a couple of months and I've gone onto Entocort a week ago and my face still looks the same as...
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    Simple dietary advice?

    Like most people here I struggle to eat a very restricted diet. Yesterday I asked my GI what to eat and she just said to eat what I wanted so long as it doesn't give me diarrhoea. Leaving aside the question of what does and doesn't cause diarrhoea, is it really that simple? Could foods...
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    Can the research be trusted?

    I'm currently trying to make my mind up about taking biologics and I've been reading up on the topic (not that I am very scientifically-minded and a lot of it is over my head). The research seems to show some impressive results in extending time till first surgery. Being a cynical person...
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    Real life support groups?

    I'm just wondering whether anyone belongs to real life IBD support groups (assuming they even exist, maybe the only support available is through online forums)? Does anybody belong to one, and are they helpful? I'm going through a very hard time with my disease, newly confirmed to be Crohns...
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    Do biologics help you eat normally?

    I'm weighing up the pros and cons of biologics and am wondering, would I be able to eat more normally if I went on this type of drug? At the moment I'm eating a very restricted diet and everything either gives me diarrhoea or makes me constipated. I fantasize about eating mushrooms...