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    Transparency of Clinical Trials

    The science writer/academic Ben Goldacre linked to this article on my Twitter feed yesterday, and it's an interesting read for those of us on Humira. AbbVie, the makers of Humira, are taking legal action to block the release of their clinical trial data. Note that though this was published in...
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    Medicare question for Aussies

    Hi there, hopefully Dusty and my fellow skips can clear a few things up for me!! :ybiggrin: My new GI told me in December that I will most likely need to apply for Humira once my current dose of steroids ended as it seems Imuran is not enough to keep the symptoms at bay. I couldn't apply then...
  3. lizzy16

    Good news!

    Saw my GI today and my Crohn's is in remission! I still need to have a scope in a couple of months to make sure everything's healed but I don't have any active disease - I've been feeling good and back to my old self for a while now but it's really nice to have it said out loud! :dance:
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    Moon Face!!

    Ok, so I've been a little self-conscious being on Pred for so long as I have developed a lot of acne and the classic moon face; I was in hospital this week and my consultant brought over some med students to do a little Q and A (they were all about 12 years old!!) He started talking about...
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    Hospital Stay... Good or Bad?

    Hi all, a quick history on me - I was diagnosed with Crohn's in the lower bowel and rectum in Oct 11 after a sigmoidoscopy. Had lots of D, abdominal pain and joint pain in the year preceding diagnosis. I've been on Prednisone at varying dosages and Asacol since October, with not much success...
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    Any other sugar addicts out there?

    I have been struggling to get my Crohn's (colitis, mostly in the rectum and distal sigmoid) under control since being diagnosed in October last year, I'm currently on Asacol (400mg 12 tablets a day). My GI wants me to start Azathiaprine but I've just moved cities and they felt it would be better...
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    Cooking with rice milk?

    I'm trying rice milk as an alternative to soy (the real stuff really bothers my stomach, even lactose-free), and I've found it's delicious with cereal and even on its own! But as it's a bit thin in comparison to soy milk I'm wondering if it still can be used with success in cooking and baking -...
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    No social life?

    Just need to have a little vent here, I'll try not to make it too long! I've been living in the UK with my boyfriend on a working holiday for the last 3 months and was finally diagnosed with Crohn's last month after a year of troubles. My illness has meant that I've stopped drinking and...
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    Question about vitamins

    Hello, Just a quick question as I am a little confused about how to get the right vitamins and minerals in me as my diet is quite plain - I've started taking a women's multivitamin tablet every morning as well as a probiotic acidophilus tablet (1 billion active cultures) along with my asacol...
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    Love this site - do not love IBD :)

    Hi there, Just thought I'd introduce myself, I've been lurking on this forum for a few days and have already found so much useful information. The skinny (no pun intended) on me: I'm a 27 year old Australian currently living in the UK and I've been struggling with tummy problems for the last...