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    Parent of newly diagnosed kid

    Hi, I am from the UK and have a daughter 14 diagnosed at 12 with crohns. My daughter is also on humira, has been for two years now. She was started on a course of steroids which seem to kick in straight away. Then she was put on humira and has had no symptoms of crohns since being diagnosed...
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    Early Detection

    So glad I have been able to help you feel a little better with it all. Getting the diagnosis is such a struggle to come to terms with. Once you do start to deal with it you will start to see things in a brighter way. I also wanted to mention that our daughter over this past year has been on...
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    Early Detection

    Hi Nolan 11 and hi rest of the group. It's been a few weeks since I've been on here. It's been the long school summer holidays here in the uk so we've been making the most of good times. Really hope you and all your children are well. Nolan 11 just thought I would share my daughters...
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    Annual Tests Good News

    How right you are. My daughter has gone from being a very shy quiet girl from a very confident willful young lady. She will talk very easily to adults, I guess that has come from all the doctors and nurses etc that they have to talk with. Even more determined to get on and do well at school...
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    Annual Tests Good News

    Thank you all so much for your lovely sweet replies. When my daughter was diagnosed just under two years ago I was in such a bad place and really struggled to see any light at the end of the tunnel. However I have now come to realise a diagnosis was the best thing that could have happened with...
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    Annual Tests Good News

    Hello everyone hope you are all well. I've not been on for a while but over the last couple of months my daughter has had all the annual tests. MRI, Ultrasound, cal tests, bloods, and scopes. All good news scopes show that all ulcers and inflammation have healed. Bloods all good and cal...
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    Colonoscopy Prep Any Tips For My Daughter

    Hi all, my daughter is having a colonoscopy in a couple of weeks. I am thinking back to the first time she had one and how difficult it was with the two day liquid only prep. Any tips on making the prep easier for her? . The first day of prep will be a Friday and she still wants to attend...
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    I'm New From The UK I Have Child With crohns

    Hello everyone I am new to the group I am from the UK. I have a 13 year old daughter who was diagnosed with Crohns when she was 12 years old in Dec 18. My daughter had not been well for several months prior to diagnosis. Started with mouth ulcers, then fatigue and loss of appetite followed...