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    CT Scan Result

    I got my ct scan result yday from my GI. He told me no inflammation or fissures. There was only cysts on my ovaries. He said I should follow up with my gyno about the cysts that could be causing the pain I am having. And after that follow up with him. But the thing is prior to seeing my GI, I...
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    Bright Red Blood on top of Stool

    Just now I went to the bathroom and after I went, I saw there was bright red blood on top/sticking to one of my stool. I am not sure was that the stool that was kind of hard to pass when i was going (sorry TMI). And now my butt hole feels kind of sore. I am really paranoid and scare right now...
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    Need some encouragement

    Hey guys, It's me again. Just feeling down today and don't know how to pick myself up. The past days, I have been having bad headache, usually when I first wake up. And I was having bad acid reflex for months. I tried to avoid taking medicine and tried all the home remedies but doesn't seem...
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    What could it be?

    Hi guys, I am still experiencing the lower right side pain. My GI did a colonoscopy and found 5mm ulcer in ileum, biopsied and could not confirm crohn. Pill cam result came back normal and said ulcer is not there anymore but I forgot to ask if there's still inflammation but i assume there isn't...
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    How long does Pentasa takes to work?

    I've been taking pentasa for a week now. Started with two 500mg twice a day but I was still experiencing pain on the lower right side. My doc said I can increased the dosage to 3 times a day. I feel like I'm still experiencing mild pain. Wonder how long does this medication takes to kick in?
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    Biopsy doesn't confirm Crohn?

    Hi All, Since November of 2016, I have been having on and off lower right side pain, feeling bloated and gassy. I did a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy on Jan 31. My GI saw a single 5mm ulcer in the terminal ileum and biopsy was taken. I went back two weeks later for the results, GI said...