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    Can I get a pneumonia vaccine and a "not live" shingles vaccine while being treated for Crohn's ? Need help before Monday afternoon !!

    Can I get a pneumonia vaccine and a "not live" shingles vaccine while being treated for Crohn's ? Need help before Monday afternoon !! Four months into my Crohn's treatment the FNP at my Gastroenterologists office tells me to do this and that. I am being treated with Humira Pen Injections and...
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    Who else is frustrated, irritated, agitated and angry at IBD ?

    Nothing is making sense to me today. Why doesn't my GI doctor mention nutrition as a way of healing or helping to lessen the inflammation of my Crohn's Disease ? Why did my GI doctor never mention probiotics to me, instead I mentioned probiotics to him ? Why do I have to find out 99% of the...
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    Vitamins/Supplements/Minerals...Which are the best ?

    I was not sure where to post this, so here it is. I would like to know the most important vitamins / minerals / supplements I should be taking because I was just diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in April 2018. I would just like to know the ones at the top of the list because I am really not...
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    L.rhamnosus VS L.acidophillus. Which is better ?

    I just watched a short YouTube video about L.rhamnosus, which I had never heard of before. I have been taking VSL#3 Packets, on a somewhat irregular basis, since July. I am just curious to find out what probiotic would be the most beneficial for my Crohn's Disease. Thanks.
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    Newly Diagnosed : What Do I Eat Now !!

    Started having watery diarrhea in 1997 Diagnosed IBS 1998 Diagnosed Ulcerative Colitis 2006 Bile Acid Malabsorption Diagnosed Crohn's 2018 My Ulcerative Colitis, of course, was no "walk in the park," but my Crohn's diagnosis has been a "life changer." Ulcerative Colitis : I could not tolerate...
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    Sugar Alcohols

    I am doing some research this afternoon regarding sugar alcohols. Listed are some of the things I wrote down from an article I read this afternoon. [ I have been avoiding sugar alcohols for several years after a bad experience with diarrhea after consuming them. I will not purchase any food...
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    Guar Gum....Why !

    I did not know where to post this, so I posted this in the "diet" thread. The subject of my post is "gums." I just tried to read an article about these "gums" but the article was too scientific for me to keep reading. The second article was easy to read and explained the basics, but it was...
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    Sticky You Are Not A Burden!!!

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    Hernia and bowel resection surgery

    I did not know where to post this so I am posting it here. My sister just told me that my brother-in-law had to have emergency hernia surgery 4 days ago in Idaho. During the surgery, which was an open surgery, he also had 6" of intestines removed. The are only giving him IV fluids and ice...
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    Sticky You Are Not A Burden!!!

    My purpose is to revive every dead thread and so here I am. 😄 Lukesky36, thanks for posting here ! ronroush7, you are the best ! Thank You DustyCat for this thread. 😊 Thanks everyone for sharing. ❤
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    6mp pill and side effects

    I just started taking the 6mp pill 11 days ago. This is a new drug for me, as I was just diagnosed with Crohn's. I was wondering if anyone else here is taking or has taken the 6mp pill and did they experience any side effects ? I take two 50mg tablets each morning. I am not even sure how the...
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    Sticky What to expect after surgery

    Although no one has posted here for two years, I appreciate you all sharing your personal experiences. If I know more than I can be prepared if I need surgery. 💕
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    6mp and Humira - - Pros and Cons ?

    I was just diagnosed with Crohn's and my Gastroenterologist is going to prescribe me the 6-mp pill and Humira injections/pens. I am scared because I read the Humira side effects and am now freaked out. And I had never heard of 6-mp. What are your opinions or thoughts about these two drugs ? Do...
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    Lynda Lynda

    My name is Lynda and I am 57 years old. I am single and I have never been married and have no children. I collect Social Security Disability benefits and Medicare. I am disabled/ retired. I had a successful career at Chase Bank for 24 years until 2009. In 2009 I was let go from my job due to...
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    Thank You

    I wanted to thank all of the members on this forum for being so kind and supportive. And SO many folks here with so much experience and knowledge to share, along with some great resources too. I have been reading entire threads just so that I can gain more knowledge about my Ulcerative Colitis...