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    Support & Information Group in Upstate NY

    I am kind of excited to say that my daughter has taken on doing some research on her Crohn's and some on collitis and IBS. She is going to do a little support group and is doing something tonight in Rochester, NY. If anyone is interested in this, PM me and I can get you more information. She...
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    Meds & how do you know

    I am confused; (what else is new) ok some may know my story; my 24 yr old daughter was diagnosed in Feb of this year. Currently on Entocort and anti acid (prescription) she was on Cipro & Flax and off for a few weeks now. Had bad reaction to Pentasa; (attacked her pancreas resulting in a 4 day...
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    Worrying Mom

    I am new to this and I am so glad I found this site. I have been web searching for over 2 months now; looking at diets etc. for Crohns. My beautiful 23 year old daughter was diagnosed mid February. She had a fairly quick diagnosis. Started with symptoms in January; went to doctor on a Tuesday...