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    Thinking of next steps/meds

    Coming out of lurkdome to seek advice/thoughts/been-there-done-that for my son. DS (now 11) was diagnosed this past February with Crohn’s, mostly in the terminal ileum. In the spring/summer of 2013 we took him to the ped because we thought he had a virus and was not eating as well as he should...
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    Elevated calprotectin for non-IBD?

    Our 11 year old ds is the one with Crohn's. Our 8 year old dd has some stomach issues last month before we went away on vacation. Part of it was definitely a virus as I was affected but we don't know if it was two back to back viruses or one that just took a long time to get over. In any event...
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    Testing at follow up visit

    We have a follow up appointment in May, first one after our 10 year old son was diagnosed with Crohn's and I'm wondering what tests to expect and if others normally have them done prior to the appointment so that they can be discussed. Right now he has only been on Entocort and we're working...
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    Child refuses to swallow pills

    So how the heck do I get my child (10) past his mental block of swallowing pills???? We're new to this whole thing, just diagnosed, haven't even made any "major" decisions on treatment/medication but doc wanted to start him on entocort and omeprazole to reduce inflammation while we seek other...
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    New Here - not sure what to do

    Hi all, I'm new here. Our 10 year old son was just diagnosed with Crohn's after an endoscopy/colonoscopy this week. A bit of background, our quest began last year when we noticed he wasn't eating as much. Routine blood tests at the pediatrician showed that he was anemic which led us to a...