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  1. margie

    Book Signing

    I will be autographing my new novel Vicious Circle about Crohn's Disease and Depression this weekend Fri-Sunday from Noon until 7:00pm at 1021 E. Meyers Ave In Hazel Park Michigan for those interested. A percentage of the profits will be going to research. Softcopies being sold for 15.00...
  2. margie

    New symptom

    Just wanted to know if anyone else with Crohn's gets sores on their skin that don't want to heal easily and I now have a couple of eye sores on my eye lid. Don't know if this is something for me to be concerned about or if it is just coincidental to the disease.
  3. margie

    Don't know what to think!!

    I haven't been on here much because of not feeling well and so much stress in my life with everything. I will be so glad when I can just pick up and move away from all of this into a little cabin in the middle of the woods with nothing but trees, animals and beautiful scenery. I won't be...
  4. margie

    Elevated Liver Enzymes

    Does anyone else have problems with their liver enzymes being elevated. Mine have been elevated for probably over a year now, and my docs have said nothing really concerning until now. I am now having yellow diarrhea and I sometimes can't seem to go at all. So my bm's are all over the place...
  5. margie

    Losing Weight Now

    Well now I guess that I am definitely in a major flare. I have gotten to the point now, where I am in the bathroom with Diarrhea all of the time with a redish or sometimes yellowish tint to it, and vomiting. I have lost 5lbs in the last 4 days and am totally exhausted. And if that isn't bad...
  6. margie

    Curious - Elevated Liver Enzymes

    Does anyone have any idea why my liver enzymes are always elevated? Seems that every time that I have my blood work done, I am told that the liver enzymes are still elevated. He wants me to have it checked again, but haven't gone in and figure I will just tell the new doctor, if I ever find...
  7. margie

    Disgusted and just need to vent

    Well I know that I needed to find a new doctor, but just today now I find out that I will no longer have any kind of help with my medications through my Medicare. Seems that my little bit of income of which the state and IRS is taking more than half isn't enough to justify any help. So here I...
  8. margie

    So Tired of all the fighting

    Will this fighting for help ever end. Such a struggle every day to just have the strength and will to even get out of the bed. I know that there are so many of you that are so much worse than me, but I can't help but to feel like just giving up at times. I know it is wrong, but just the way...
  9. margie

    New Upcoming Book in August 2011

    My New Book titled: Vicious Circle Crohn's Disease and Depression A Hope For A Brighter Future will be release sometime August 2011. Part of the proceeds will be going toward research for a cure.
  10. margie

    Noisy Stomach-New Meds

    Need some help here.....I just started these new meds this morning. I am now on Prednisone, Pentasa and Cholestyramine. I have the noisiest stomach this afternoon and am soooo tired and dizzy that I actually had to go lay down this afternoon for a couple of hours. Are these normal side...
  11. margie

    Upset and Extremely Depressed!!

    Well after all of this time and all of the absolutely horrible preps and tests that I have had to go through. I am back to square one, the biopsy showed nothing and the doctor has no idea as to what to do here. So I continue to suffer with no treatment. He wants me to come in tomorrow morning...
  12. margie

    Called GI this morning!!

    Well, after about 5 trips to the bathroom for Loose stool that very quickly became Diarrhea and all in about a 2-3 hr period. I went to urinate came out of the bathroom, sat down for a few minutes and in getting up to go get something from the other room, the fecal incontinence came. I stood...
  13. margie

    More Testing Scheduled

    Pill Cam results came in on Friday. My GI doc said that he saw something in the small bowel, not sure if it is an ulcer or something else. I am now scheduled for another night of no food tomorrow after 6pm and only water until midnight. I go for the Small Bowel Series on Tuesday morning. The...
  14. margie

    Needing to Vent a Little!

    Well I woke up yesterday and forgot to eat breakfast so went all day on only clear liquids because I am with the pill cam today. Needless to say, I am hungry as hell, cramped up and the Diarhea has been horrible yesterday and this morning. I am just so tired of all of the Diarhea, vomiting...
  15. margie

    Ups and Downs

    I certainly have had my share of ups and downs in this last few days. With the death of my sister in law last Friday and driving 4 hrs to the funeral home on Saturday and staying 2 hrs and coming right back home the same day. Then today has been a real roller coaster ride. I woke up this...