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    Breakfast! :-) What to have!

    Recently diagnosed :-) Mild CD. Still getting my head round it all. But i still haven't properly found food I can have for breakfast. I know. This could be the most ridiculous question EVER. But I've figured out that my system (at the moment) seems to be okay for lunch and dinner: red meat...
  2. martinF

    Very sharp stabbing pain

    Never had it before...i usually have a dull wrenching pain....somewhat like ive bruised around just under the rib-cage. This was something else. Like a stabbing pain really quick and felt violent. Should i speak to my nurse about it.
  3. martinF

    LGBT Crohn's Patients

    Thanks for this - i just saw it NGNG :-) Sorry for the tardy reply. :-) Yup....its affecting the butt area. After ever time I go...wash down there just cus it feels a bit painful. I dont think i could ever embark on sex around that area at the moment. Thanks for the link...will check it out.
  4. martinF

    LGBT Crohn's Patients

    Generally my experience with the IBS clinic in central london has been on the whole so far pretty good when i mention my sexual identity. And, I've had one or two jokes from my straight mates who i told who took to humour to understand what i am going through. I've even made a joke about it all...
  5. martinF

    Do you think there will ever be a cure for Crohn's

    (Mods, please move if this is posted in the wrong subforum). As i was tucking into my ultra boring plain chicken and potatoes earlier today I was thinking to myself - 'wow, a lifetime of lowfibre food? Really...Really?' . My friend who was eating with me (and she had a fascinating curry -...
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    I'll laugh through the tears (hi all!)

    I am in a good space tonight. I finally picked up the courage to come on here. I've lurked for a few hours, days, months...and marveled...yes there are people out there like me who have experienced the same similar story. The simple trip of going to the loo becomes a damn trip to Everest...
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    LGBT Crohn's Patients

    thank you :-) I am stilling getting the hang of this place (and the whole entire lexicon of CD in general).
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    LGBT Crohn's Patients

    Okay, Breathe...this is my first ever post here. I've only just been diagnosed and found this place after a little google search. Anyway...here I go. 1. Do you think coming out to your doctor will inhibit proper treatment? No it didn't. From the start I put everything on the table so to...