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    Starting LDN while tapering- timing and dosage

    Hi, I've posted a smiliar comment in a different thread before. But I figure that maybe this would be a good question to post on it's own. I bet there are others out there that may have similar thoughts and I am still not sure how to go about this LDN thing. I am currently on 15mg...
  2. Mattannika

    Supposed to start humira - I am scared!

    Hi everyone. I had a follow up doctors appt with my gastro-enterologist this morning and am confused, a little upset at the Crohn's thing, but mostly really scared...we finished the appointment with me having to consider and really think about going on a biologic drug...which just creeps me...
  3. Mattannika

    Prednisone Taper and Side Effects

    I am currently taking Prednisone and Apriso. I just started tapering off of Prednisone. I started with 2 weeks at 40mg, now am half a week on 30mg, friday I am supposed to go down to 30mg then 20mg then 10mg and 5mg at the end. I might be a bit naive, I assumed that the side effects that...
  4. Mattannika

    I'm one of you, just newly diagnosed

    After suffering from the most horrific pains of my life over the past several weeks, and refraining from going to the ER several times, i have been diagnosed with severe Crohn's disease as of last week. After being referred to my GI for all the typical symptoms, weeks ago, she finally connected...