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    Constant wiping Pain

    Since my sub total colectomy have had a problem never had before despite the fact I used to have bowel movements 10 plus times a day over 20 years never had pain wiping. since surgery raised red blister like rash on cheeks and around anus. the pain was intense like anal fissure pain and nearly...
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    Subtotal colectomy to remove obstructions and inflamed tissue

    Had surgery on the 2nd of this month to remove about 70% of my inflamed colon along with the two obstructions, went surprisingly well according to my doctor, only issue was that as obstructions were a lot larger than expected the incision had to be extended so have a scar about 14 inches long...
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    My only mentionable vice

    I have been diagnosed with Crohn's for a long time, it has been a daily and nightly problem throughout. Stress, food, odours and even just surprise 'attacks' have always been issues. When first diagnosed I had all the usual treatments, steroids gave me moonface, another one caused tachycardia...
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    Are these my last pair of trainers?

    Hi my name is Matthew ,i'm 42 was diagnosed with Crohn's nearly 20 years ago. After a few bad reactions to treatments, which included my weight dropping from 12 to 8.5 stone, I started being more careful about what I ate and planning my day around toilet location and work breaks, I have been...