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    Ped or Adult GI at Motts/U of Mich

    Well, here we are. DS just got accepted to his #1, U of Mich, and while he's taking a week to think about it, I think it's a go. I've been looking at the gastro dept web pages for Motts and U of M and could really use some input. First, do we stick with a ped GI? Or transition to an adult GI...
  2. Mehita

    Wisdom Teeth Infected?

    Hi all... Sorry I haven't been around much; things are going well here so we like to pretend that Crohn's is a figment of our imagination for brief periods of time. :) Taking DS in to the dentist this AM for an unplanned visit. The last two days he's had very swollen gums around his last...
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    Lack of growth :(

    It's been awhile. DS is still on Remi (7.5mg/kg, 6 weeks) and mtx and has been feeling fine. His last scopes were just over a year ago and microscopically everything was great. Last MRE was... maybe 5 years ago? Last endo appt was 5 years ago and the bone scan said he was only 2 months behind...
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    Remicade Program Question

    We submitted the EOB and itemized statement from the hospital for DS' last two infusions like I've always done in the past (but we have a new insurance company this year) for the Remi reimbursement program. I got a letter today saying Remi isn't able to process the request because the "document...
  5. Mehita

    College Question & Bathrooms

    Curious to hear from those of you who's children have been in college... did they request dorm rooms with their own or a minimally shared bathroom? DS and DH think a 40 person shared bathroom won't be a problem. I disagree. What have your experiences been?
  6. Mehita

    Influenza A & Crohns

    Unfortunately, influenza A has hit our schools hard. Tomorrow is the last day before spring break and I thought we were in the clear. Nope. DS had his Remi infusion last Saturday and today he's showing flu symptoms. I'm taking him in tomorrow morning. Hoping for Tamiflu. Any tips and tricks to...
  7. Mehita

    Folic Acid?

    For those with kiddos on folic acid... do you fill it through the pharmacy or just buy it over the counter? If over the counter, is there a brand or type that's best? With changes to our insurance, it looks like it might be cheaper for us to do OTC. There is no difference between OTC and rx...
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    MMR Shedding/Avoidance & TB Test

    I have a therapy dog and we were about to sign up to volunteer for a program, but they require that I have an updated MMR vaccine and do a TB test. My question... DS is on Remicade and Methotrexate, therefore immune suppressed and should avoid live vaccines. He did have his second dose of MMR...
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    Pre-Authorization for Remi?

    Just got a letter from our insurance company today stating that they did a review of my son's files and we now need to have his GI do a pre-authorization for Remicade starting January 1, 2017. I'm really worried that insurance will deny it and we'll have to work through the appeals process...
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    Plantar Wart, HPV, Remicade?

    DS has a plantar wart on his foot. We treated with OTC salicylic acid and now it's... really gross (and I wouldn't suggest Googling pics... yuck!!). I've read Mayo and WebMD and saw all the possible treatments, but am wondering if anyone here has experience in light of of him being on Remicade...
  12. Mehita

    Gum issues related to IBD?

    Does anyone know if red gums around the teeth has any correlation to Crohn's, Remicade or methotrexate? A side effect maybe? DS' gums are very red. Like when he smiles you have to take a second look because it almost looks like blood, but it's not. He says they don't hurt or anything. Just...
  13. Mehita

    Lost a MTX pill... now what?

    Not sure if the pharmacy goofed or we somehow lost one mtx pill, but we're short one. If I go to the pharmacy, will they give us a single pill? He takes 3 pills a week (each 2.5mg to equal 7mg total). The refill isn't coming for another week and a half, so it does leave him short for one week...
  14. Mehita

    College & Crohn's

    Talk to me about college and having IBD. What has been your kid's experiences? We're starting college visits this summer. Should we visit the disability offices during these visits? Or wait until he's more sure of where he wants to go? What accommodations have your kid's needed and used? Any...
  15. Mehita

    Open Letter to the Ped GI

    I'm not sure if I'm going to follow through on this, but thought it would be a good thing to discuss here anyway. If you were to write an open letter to your child's ped GI, what would you want them to know? For example, our GI didn't know the Anser IFX text for Infliximab was $2500 and a pain...