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    Small stoma help

    I went for my routine check-up of my stoma.I told the nurse about having trouble with pancaking, she said this is a trial and error situation, BUT upon looking at my stoma she said oh this is small, have you had your ollow up with the surgeon I said yes and that he had a look via the bag window...
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    If you are a driver and had an operation, how long was it before you felt it safe to drive.
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    Flushable stoma products

    I just wonderd if the people on hear with a stoma, have ever tried the flushable products by CliniMed?. I have some samples that will hopfully be arriving soon.
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    Hi If you have had or know about this surgery (panprotectomy)how long did it take for your bottom to heal? Thank you Melanie
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    Ostomy products

    I did post this question , but silly me went to enlarge the font on my phone and deleated it. My question is what ostomy products do you use and why.at the moment I use dansac , and have recentley had samples from colplast and salts. Im having problems with my stool not going down into the bag...
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    Ostomy products

    Hi I was wondering which ostomy products you find best and why. Im just starting to shop around different companies . Melanie
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    Introduce myself-new to the forum

    I thought it would be nice to introduce myself before I start posting/reading, on the forum. My name is Melanie, I have often browsed crohn's support groups, but only ever joined one other. I have suffered with crohn's for 20 years. I have recently had a colectomy and panproctomy, I can only...