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    Colonoscopy caused weight gain???? I'm confused!!

    So I went for my first colonoscopy yesterday. What bothers me is I thought cleaning myself out like that would cause me to lose a couple pounds, BUT I gained 7 pounds!! How is that possible? I was 163 pounds when I started my prep on Thursday morning, weighed myself last night and weighed 170...
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    Need suggestions for beating fatigue

    I have been sooo tired lately, just having a shower and drying off leaves me exhausted and almost light headed with fatigue. I take Vitamin D, B Complex and Iron supplements already. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I meet my surgeon again in May for my colonoscopy, but would really...
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    All began with an abscess...or so I thought

    Hi, I am a female in my late 30's. In December of 2014 I was misdiagnosed with internal Hemorrhoids, until the pain became so bad I landed in the ER. From there I was rushed into the OR to have an abscess drained and removed from my rectum. When I woke up I was told they had cut through my...