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    Prednisone in First Trimester

    Hello, After 18 month of TTC, I am finally 4 weeks pregnant. My Crohn's seems to be under control with Entyvio, but the joint pain is unbearable. I am trying to get by using Voltaren gel but I think I'll have to take low dose (5 mg) prednisone so I can get out of bed and to work. Anyone run...
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    Will I ever be healthy enough for pregnancy?

    I have had Crohn's since I was 9. Haven't ever really been in remission. I have been through all of the biologics, and am now on Entyvio. Otherwise, I am very healthy and haven't had to have surgery yet. I'm 31 and my husband and I want kids. We have been trying for almost a year and a half with...
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    Staying hydrated during a flare

    Hello - I'm in the middle of an awful Crohn's flare and waiting to start Entyvio (which looks like I have another 30+ days for approval from insurance). I work full time and find that even though I'm doing a low residue diet, all the running to the bathroom is dehydrating me badly. Water isn't...
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    Entyvio (Vedolizumab)

    So the newest infusion is going to be coming out in June, and my doctor wants me to start on it. I'm currently on Cimzia, and my scope last week revealed tons of psuedopolyps and severe inflammation in 75% of my colon. Anyone been on it during the trial phase? I'm currently trying to conceive...
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    BBT Charting- Can Meds Affect This?

    I've had Crohn's for 21 years. I'm now 30 and TTC for over 7 months. I'm using a fertility monitor for the first time, and have gotten only several "highs" this month with no "peaks". I'm trying to chart my BBT to confirm ovulation, but my temps are all over the place with no pattern. I'm on...
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    Uceris and Entocort

    I've had active Crohns for about 21 years now. I'm 30 and trying to conceive. I'm currently on Uceris, Entocort and Cimzia. I'm bleeding (vaginally, heavy spotting) between periods, making it difficult to track my usually very regular cycles. I read it's a side effect of Uceris and Entocort...
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    Active Crohn's- TTC

    I've had active Crohn's since I was 9 (21 years) and have decided to try to become pregnant. I've been off MTX for a year, and have been doing well on just Cimzia. In the past two months or so, my disease has become really active. I'm running to the bathroom 12 times a day, losing weight like...