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    Was I too clean as a kid?

    This supports my theory that i didn't play in the mud enough. I can't post links cause im still a noob, so remove the spaces www .physorg.com/news/2011-02-common-parasite-uncovers-key-crohn.html
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    Hey all, havent been feeling that well since decemberish when i started tapering off prednisone and taking humira. lots of D and occasional blood. most of the pain is on my lower left side. thand then e past 2 nights ive been throwing up awhile after dinner and then throwing up green bile...
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    So I couldn't find that many posts about prograf, and was wondering if anyone here has any thoughts about it. Ive been taking it for about a year and a half but am starting to wonder about it a little more. thanks for any help
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    Hello....I was diagnosed with crohn's about a year ago but have been having problems with figuring out my diet so i decided the internet would help. Hopefully i can find some info about figuring out what i personally can and can not eat. Also, how common is it for teens to be diagnosed? Ive...