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    In remission!!

    I've been busy and haven't posted much recently, but wanted to hold out hope for some who are just beginning. I had my annual colonoscopy today, and my Doc said there is no sign of disease. I've been on Humira since Jan 2012 and on 6MP for the last 12 months. He said I can stop taking the 6MP...
  2. Miss Underestimated

    Who's been on Humira the longest?

    I was reading some about it, and there are no long-term studies for Humira. I guess they must use the info they get from doctors to measure the effectiveness, and keep track of side effects. I got to thinking maybe there are some long-term users on here. Care to share?
  3. Miss Underestimated

    Humira $5 coupon

    After I started taking Humira, they sent me an email with links to their assistance programs (I already got the little bit I qualify for). There is a direct link to each of the Humira assistance programs, including one for unemployed with no insurance, and to the $5 coupon. If anyone would...
  4. Miss Underestimated

    Starting Humira on Monday

    starting Humira on Monday I'm a little bit nervous, but just hoping it goes ok. I'll be using the pen to start, since I've never given myself a shot. I can dig out a splinter, so I guess I can stab myself with a needle.
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    Assistance for people on Tricare or Medicare

    There is nothing you can count on. I decided to research this with a friend who is on Tricare and can't use any of the discounts available to most patients. Essentially, it's that we are caught between the government and the drug companies. No one will explain or tell you about it, you just...
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    Liver complications? PSC

    Apparently, in a small percentage of IBD patients, this liver disease can develop. Last week I saw the nurse practitioner are my GI doc's office. She is technically highly qualified, and since Dr Johnson is head ot the GI department at EVMS, I'm pretty sure she is good at what she does. She...
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    Magnesium intolerance

    I cannot tolerate any form of magnesium tablet or capsule - gives me violent diarrhea and cramps. I do tolerate the little bit of magnesium that is in food naturally, and in my multivitamins. I've researched to the extent of my ability, asked both my doctors, and have no answers. No one even...
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    I've been reading here all week. What a great resource! It's good to know there's a place where people understand what you're talking about with this sucky disease. I was researching my medication when I stumbled in here, and I kept coming back. I was diagnosed with Crohn's in the summer of...