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    Case Closed

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to post an update and let everyone who I used to talk to know how I'm doing. I haven't posted here in quite some time (August 2019, to be exact), but I have good news. At the appointment with the new gastroenterologist in August last year, I told him what my symptoms...
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    Undiagnosed Club Support Group

    I had my visit today and the doctor was really nice. I went in with guarded optimism and I'm keeping that flow because I thought the other one was really good after the first visit and then he got lazy. After we discussed the labwork I brought in, the dietary stuff I've done, the other tests...
  3. MissLeopard83

    Undiagnosed Club Support Group

    Hi Scipio, I was not tested for cBir on the test, but I have been tested for CRP by my rheumatologist and it is elevated, but I guess not by much because my rheumatologist never thinks it's of any significance. The last test I had, it was a little over 13 points. I'll be interested to see if...
  4. MissLeopard83

    Undiagnosed Club Support Group

    Well, the day is nearly here! I will be seeing the new gastroenterologist tomorrow after a LONG 2 month wait! Please say some prayers that this wait was worth it. Every single review I read online said that he really works well with his patients and he is very down-to-earth, which I think is...
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    Undiagnosed Club Support Group

    Thank you. I've been really busy with my Master's degree, that's why I haven't been posting. I had to go out of town last month to do my first residency and so the whole program just consumes my time. It's a pretty awesome program and I love it. I'm finally doing something that I love! :)
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    Undiagnosed Club Support Group

    Hi everyone! I thought I'd check in here and give you an update. It's been 2 months since I've heard anything from the doctor who was trying to get the pill cam authorized and I feel like I've hit a wall with him. He hasn't given me any indication that he is willing to do any more tests or...
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    Second Scope Test Tomorrow

    I've been posting in the "Undiagnosed" forum but it's dead there so I thought I'd make a separate thread. I saw a new gastroenterologist earlier this month after reporting to my PCP that I've been dealing with worsening abdominal pain, diarrhea, and nausea. I thought my IBS was flaring up but...
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    Writing a Letter to a Doctor

    I was wondering if any of you had any experience writing a letter to a doctor from whom you experienced poor or substandard care? I'm sure most of you remember my horrible experience with the GI doctor I saw who treated me as though my symptoms were "simple IBS" and didn't listen when I told...
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    Radio Silence Commencing

    I just wanted to thank everyone for their support as I was going through all of the GI testing for IBD. It was nice to have people that understood - especially those in the "Undiagnosed" group. However, I feel that my time here should come to a close since I do not have IBD (or at least they...
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    CT enterography

    I visited my GI today for a follow-up after the SIBO breath test and colonoscopy came back normal. I've had an upper GI endoscopy and HIDA scan, too, and those were also normal. I asked my doctor today if we could do a scan of the small bowel since that's the only place he hasn't looked at...
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    Jejunoileitis - How were you diagnosed?

    After having an upper GI endoscopy and a colonoscopy, the biopsies came back negative. I had a hydrogen breath test for SIBO, but that came back negative as well. I've had GERD since I was 16 (just turned 33) and diagnosed with IBS-M (predominately constipation, but diarrhea episodes happen...
  12. MissLeopard83

    Addison's Disease

    Does anyone have experience with Addison's disease? It's the only thing I have not been tested for that could be a possibility. I'm going to mention it to my GP when I see her next week and see what she thinks. I did a search on the symptom checker under my patient portal for my abdominal...
  13. MissLeopard83

    Hypertrophic Tonsils or Tonsillitis

    I've mentioned before that I've seen both an ENT and a GP about my tonsils. Over a year ago, I noticed that I was having some throat irritation and wondered if it was red/inflamed. When I shined a flashlight back there, I noticed that my tonsils were full of holes and debris had collected to...
  14. MissLeopard83

    IBGard - Does it work?

    Right before my colonoscopy this past Wednesday, my doctor suggested trying IBGard to see if that lessened the symptoms (he is convinced I only have IBS; I disagree). I wasn't sure what it was and I just looked it up online and found it was a peppermint oil capsule that is enteric coated so it...
  15. MissLeopard83

    Awaiting Colonoscopy Results

    I had my colonoscopy done yesterday morning. The GI doctor gave me the preliminary results in recovery, but he took several biopsies of the mucosa and removed a small polyp. His findings state that he did not visualize any inflammation of the colon wall. However, I read that polyps can be a...