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  1. missy_moo

    About to start Prednisone tomorrow..

    I am about to start on 50mg of Pred for the first time tomorrow. I am also on 4g of pentasa granules and 1g pentasa suppositories. My pentasa hasn't been working since around the end of Dec last year and I've been putting off Pred ever since but diet and changing amounts of pentasa hasn't done...
  2. missy_moo

    UC Symptoms

    Hello all! I know I've posted a fair few questions lately but your advice means so much- my GP or pharmacist don't seem to know anything about my condition and my gastro is very by the book and doesn't seem to like questions. To this day, noone has actually explained my condition to me- I've...
  3. missy_moo

    Pentasa Suppositories

    Hello! Just wondering if any of you have had any side effects from pentasa suppositories? I've been using them at night for 2 weeks. The first week seen a full recovery from my UC symptoms.. This week I've been getting cramps afterwards and diarrhea in the morning. Just wondering if this was...
  4. missy_moo

    Job Interview

    Hello all! Not sure if I have posted this in the right place.. But we shall see.. I have recently been diagnosed with Proctitis and am currently flaring and getting worse (I start pentasa suppositories tonight). I am having to go to the toilet 20+ times a day- sometimes half a dozen times in an...
  5. missy_moo

    Pain after Colonoscopy?

    Hi all. I had my first colonoscopy yesterday. Upon waking I had the worst wind pain I've ever experienced. Passing the wind since then has lessened the pain but now I seem to have quiet bad pain on my left down where I would usually have period cramps. I'm having trouble walking, sitting and...
  6. missy_moo


    Hello all! I have been lurking in this forum for around 3 months without posting much. I had my colonoscopy today which I was diagnosed with the following: Ulcerated mucosa in my rectum- biopsies taken. Scattered areas of erythematous mucosa in the rectum and recto-sigmoid colon- biopsies...
  7. missy_moo

    Hopefully soon to be diagnosed..

    Hi all! I have been stalking this forum and reading posts for over a week now. I have found it to be very informative with some good humour. As my title states, I am yet to be diagnosed. Over the last 5 or so years I have developed an intollerance to lactose, caffeine, orange juice and...