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    Support Group Activity brainstorm

    Hi all, I just joined a CCFA support group. :ghug: So far, the group is small and not very structured. I am hoping to take a more active leadership role as the group grows. The one meeting I've attended simply consisted of each person telling their story. This took the whole meeting time, and I...
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    Doctor is misrepresenting me

    Deep breath... This is a long one. ((Ranting begins)) I'm so fed up with my PCP doctor. I'm trying to apply for disability due to the Crohn's, extreme fatigue (sleeping minimum of 10 hours a day plus frequent naps), depression and migraines. I go to him seeking a letter for my SSDI application...
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    Work=Crohn's flare

    I just spend four months off work, getting myself in remission and healthy. I took medical leave and unemployment time to do this. I was able to taper off the prednisone, and stay stable. I continued to get healthy and drop medicines one by one until I was completely off of prescription drugs...
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    Work makes me sick

    I just spent five months off of work, part medical leave and part unemployed, to get myself healthy and in remission. During this time I got myself off of the prednisone, and started doing really well by taking essential oils to detox. Then, I just kept getting better. I stopped my Cimzia. Still...
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    Worst tasting colonoscopy prep

    OMG, this is the worst tasting colonoscopy prep I have had to date. Drink 8 oz every ten minutes...it's going to take me the whole ten minutes to get a cup down without throwing up. Uggggghhh why can't they make this stuff taste decent!?!!!???? :puke_r:
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    What to do/try next?

    Hi everyone, I'm flaring again, and I think that means my Cimzia is no longer working. This has followed the same pattern as when the Humira stopped working. First the shots worked for the entire time... then only 3 weeks...then less...and now they don't seem to be doing anything. My GI has me...
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    Systems for dealing with life and fatigue

    I am working on reorganizing how I do things in my life to include systems to deal with constantly being sick and/or tired. I'm finding it hard to work full time, keep the house clean, eat healthy, spend time with friends and my hubby, etc. I thought others might like to share what has or has...
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    Not enough calories

    Okay, here's the sitch: my best friend is getting married in a few weeks, and I am her maid of honor. I've been in a flair of my crohns and have lost so much weight that my dress just bearly stays up. It will work in a pinch, but...I would like to gain some of my weight back. I downloaded an app...
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    Hello everyone, I am a 25 year old female currently dealing with what is either a major flare up of my Crohn’s and/or a continuation of a battle with C-difficile. I am feeling emotionally drained as I am in my first year of teaching and am concerned about what may happen if things continue to...