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    Things are finally good. Might make you feel better to read.

    If some of you are really struggling this may be some good news for you to hear. I am a male diagnosed at age 16. This was very hard for me as I wanted to drink and party with my friends especially in college and I was able to do so at times. I started on methotrexate which failed after 2 years...
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    CVS Caremark cooler

    Hi all, I've been on Stelara for 9 months now and it's working great after failing all other treatments. (Remicade, Methotrexate, Entyvio and Humira). I accidentally left it out in the cooler for a whole day before taking it was still very cool when I opened but the ice packs were a bit...
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    Crohn's skin tag surgery recovery

    Hi everyone. I recently had several anal skin tags removed from complications with my Crohn's. I feel better now but my anus stings really bad. Does anyone know any topical remedies that work? I've tried lidocaine, desitin, and hydrocortisone ointment and all have not helped.
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    Skin tag removal recovery?

    Had surgery to remove anal skin tags. Went well but my anus has been stinging like hell. Does anyone know any good remedies?
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    Diagnoses at 16 and am 24 now

    My Crohn's originally appeared at 16 as an esophageal ulcer. Lost tons of weight until on prednisone was out of school for 2 weeks. Was on methotrexate alone until that failed. Then was on remicade. This didn’t work at all but was on for much longer then I should have been. After this I began...