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    Kidney stones, high calcium, and uric acid

    I've had two kinds of stones - calcium oxalate and uric acid. Luckily I've been able to avoid surgery for Crohn's so far. Hope it continues. When I had my routine appointment with my GI, she said it's likely related to malabsorption, which makes sense as most of my Crohn's is in the small...
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    More flares since starting Humira?

    As long as you're able to do it, being a carrier will probably benefit you through exercise. If it gets to the point where it becomes too much, you might have to speak to them to see if there are other jobs you could do in the USPS based on your condition. Are you a member of the APWU, NALC, or...
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    Kidney stones, high calcium, and uric acid

    Over the past ten years or so, I have suffered from more kidney stones than I can count. Fortunately, most were able to pass on their own, though they were unpleasant. A 6.5 mm stone put me in the hospital two years ago. Though I passed it naturally while in the hospital, it's an experience I...
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    More flares since starting Humira?

    I've been on Humira for about two years now. At first, I was more than skeptical. It took about two to three months before I could begin to see an improvement and then another couple of months beyond that before I really started to feel like myself again. Speaking as someone who has been there...
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    My 12 year old son has just started Humira...

    How are things going with the Humira now? It took Humira about two to three months before I started seeing any kind of improvement and it was a couple of months after that before I started feeling like myself again.
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    Hair loss with Imraldi

    Even though it isn't documented as a side effect that I'm aware of, I've noticed my hair thinning some since I started Humira. At first, I thought it was just the onset of middle age, but there may be a possible correlation.
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    Proctofoam long term?

    During my last flare, I was given proctofoam along with hydrocortisone enemas. The best I remember, I was told to use both for 28 days, which was a challenge for me. If she's been on Entocort continually since October, that's too long and she should be weaned off. I was on Entocort for a few...
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    Life Insurance for Crohn's Disease

    Sometimes you can qualify for life insurance through your employer for both yourself and your spouse. This is fairly common in the US and I would think something similar exists in the UK as well. Life insurance premiums start to go up fast after about age 50. This is something to keep in mind...
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    What can I eat in crohn’s remission?

    As the others have stated, everyone is different. My GI doctor told me to limit things like red meat, dairy, and things that are overly greasy or spicy. I was also told to avoid uncooked vegetables at all cost. It's really trial and error. What works for one may not for another.
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    How do you deal with Fatigue?

    From what I've seen, it's a mix of UK, US, Canada, Australia. Haven't noticed anyone from New Zealand or South Africa, but it doesn't mean they are not here.
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    Skin manifestations can take multiple forms. Psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis seem to be the most common, but there are others. You may want to check with a dermatologist - they should be able to give you something topical to calm it down.
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    If I'm not in a flare, will the colonoscopy show anything?

    Hard to say if it will show anything or not. I was a difficult diagnosis - it took well over a decade. Colonoscopies would show some minor inflammation in the lining; however, an MRE showed thickening of the walls of the ileum, thickening and tethering of the small bowel, and a couple of small...
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    New to flares

    It can effect any part of the digestive tract, from one end to the other.
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    Low B12

    Be careful with pantoprazole. Most of my disease is in the small bowel, so I am prone to kidney stones as one of the many lovely side effects of Crohn's. When I was on pantoprazole, I was getting stones twice as often. But to answer the original question, yes, I had a B12 deficiency.
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    How do you deal with Fatigue?

    A bi-weekly B12 shot helps me, along with a large dose of D3 every other day. Just like with anything else, relief wasn't instant, but after a month or so of this treatment combined with Humira, my fatigue really began to improve. I can't say I'm 100% of what I was pre-Crohn's, but I'd say I'm...