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    Homeopathic treatment that worked.

    I just want to share my experience. I dont know if it will work for other people. But, it has worked wonders for me. I have had a perineal fistual for 10 years. Along with a vaginal fistula. Historically, my fistulas havent been that active as far as discharge. Mostly just gas, or a little...
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    I am working diligently on quitting smoking. I was wondering....for those of you who quit smoking, did you notice a difference in your illness? Because they say that smoking makes Crohns worse.
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    Bile Acid diarrheah

    Hi. I have a question for people who have had a resection. In 2001 I had an illealcecal resection. They removed 8.5 inches of cecum, valve, and small bowel. Ever since then I have had D numerous times per day, mostly liquid. Food would go through me really quickly. This week things have...
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    Fistulas and Probiotics

    Just wondering if anyone else experiences this. I have PA and RV fistulas. I have noticed when I take probiotics/yogurt, the next day my fistulas are inflamed and pussey. It is really aggravating so I stop the probiotics. I was wondering if the increase in bacteria is bothering my fistulas. I...
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    IBD blood test

    I see so many posts from folks who are undiagnosed. I am wondering why GIs don't order the IBD blood test, or the more complex Promethius test? Are they not accurate? It just seems like patients go through so many torture tests when all it takes is a simple blood draw.
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    Gag reflex when taking pills

    I have bad gag reflex when taking pills. It has caused me to vomit before. I am certain there is not wrong physically, it is purely psychological. When I can distract myself it doesn't bother me as much. Does anyone have any tips to avoid this problem?