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  1. mwb3779

    Too Long

    Its been too long since I've posted anything on here. I'm laying here in bed after another night with no sleep. Here's an update My "insurance" I did have stopped as of 12/31/10. The reason given to me in March 0f 2011, the underwriter that was carrying me dropped everyone. The BEST part...
  2. mwb3779

    Its been awhile

    Hi, I wanted to introduce myself again. Its been a awhile since I've read or posted on here. I've gone through a whole lot emotionally that I didn't think I would get through. I'm getting to that point now and wanted to come in and say I miss you guys. Its been a couple months. A lot of...
  3. mwb3779

    I like food

    So I am adding this recipe in here. These "cookies" seem to make dealing with the D better. I will add things as I find more I like. If anyone has any ideas for something ask, I will figure out new stuff. -- 2 cups of butter/ margarine (whatever it doesn't much matter, if you use butter, use...
  4. mwb3779

    This disease and love

    How hard is this disease? I ask myself that everyday. Recently I met someone. I'm not sure if it didn't work out because of me or if she wasn't able to handle me and getting sick. I'm not so sure of a lot right now other than I'm heart broken. I don't let my heart to many people for this...
  5. mwb3779

    FireGutButt Syndrome Club

    I figure this could be a great thread for those needing to either vent or ask the questions about FireGutButt. It can be foods that have caused you trouble, meds, activities, or whatever. I ate red meat. It was the worst thing ever. I will be giving it up. Probably for sometime. Sometimes...
  6. mwb3779

    Anyone ever just stop taking meds?

    Has anyone ever just stopped listening to your dr and stopped the meds? If so, have you gotten better or worse? I feel like I take so much stuff, it may cancel each other out.
  7. mwb3779

    Butt pain and a new bump?

    I have had pretty bad butt pain recently. It sometimes feels like its being grabbed from the inside. It grabs for a min then lets go. It really sucks when it happens because I end up squeezing my eyes shut to try and stop the pain. Then my eyes start to hurt. My BMs are sometimes pretty...
  8. mwb3779

    Why won't the pain just leave me alone!!

    I know this may seem silly, but I want to know why this pain just won't leave me the hell alone!! I've really been just trying to deal with it as best as I can, but sometimes it just hurts so bad I wanna cry. I have oxycodone for when it gets really bad. I try not to use it if I don't have...
  9. mwb3779

    But you don't look sick...

    Anyone ever hear- "But you don't look sick..."
  10. mwb3779

    Acai berry juice

    Has anyone read anything on the health benefits for the Acai berry in people with Crohn's? I just read this. "Acai's anti-inflammatory abilities may prevent the malabsoption of vital nutrients by preventing damage to the wall of the small intestine."...
  11. mwb3779

    Good food

    Why does food that's so bad for you taste so wonderful... I just had the best pancakes ever and turns out, they aren't so good for me. They sure did taste good.
  12. mwb3779

    Sore throat, not sure what it is. Any ideas?

    So I have a question. I have a sore throat now. Feels like strep throat. I can't see anything, but I'm feeling some "bumps". I'm not sure what it is. I read somewhere that people with Crohn's can have inflamed throats also. Just more of the fun stuff associated with this new craziness. I...
  13. mwb3779

    Can anyone eat pineapple?

    I love pineapple. I want to know if anyone has had trouble eating it or if the after effects are bad?
  14. mwb3779

    Insomnia/ Fatigue club

    So it was mentioned in another thread that we should start an insomnia / fatigue club. I'll be happy to start this club. It seems I have been up for the last week almost straight. It's a little crazy. I have been trying all kinds of different things. I've tried just laying there with my...
  15. mwb3779

    No Insurance with Crohn's

    I recently lost my job this year including my health insurance. This is the first time in my adult life that I have not had health insurance. I had to move back in with my parents at the age of 30 as I can not work right now. Trying to get better to go back to work. If anyone has any idea or...