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Napali Coast

Sailing; Scuba Diving; Hiking; Camping; Skiing; Tennis


God Bless.
Napali Coast

CD: 1993
Current: Humira Induction August 2014 - Stopped due to reactions. Previous Remicade 400 mgs every 4 wks then 800 mgs every 4 wks - Built-up Antibodies in 2014

1993-Severe Blood Loss: Ileum-CD Diagnosis
1998-Sm Fissure-Nitroglcerin Cream
2007-Sm Bowel Blockage-No Surgery/NG Resolved
2013-Severe Blood Loss: Stomach-NSAID Caused
2013-Remicade-Clinical Remission

Current RX:
Prednisone Daily
Meloxicam Daily
B-12 2xMo. Injection