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  1. Nausea

    Humira/Passion Flower??

    Hey. So im on Humira, and im looking for an OTC anti-depressant. I cant take St.John's Wort bc the contradicts Humira. But i have found no such information on Passion Flower (which i can buy at the health food shop). As long as it doesnt interfere with my Humira or exacerbate my Crohn's...
  2. Nausea

    Sleep Troubles

    Does anyone have to deal with loss of sleep due to their Crohn's or IBS? I used to lose sleep because i would be tossing and turning with pain. Luckily this hasnt been a problem for me for awhile, but it used to be another torture of Crohn's.
  3. Nausea

    Numbing Humira Injections

    Ive been recently put on Humira and I am going to have to give myself the injection in a few days. A few of my relatives hava had similar experiences where they had to give themselves shots and told me that numbing the area with an ice pack or something is a good idea. Can i do this for my...
  4. Nausea

    Just Started Humira

    I just started Humira about two days ago, i feel fine. No side effects. Im hoping everything goes well. It took along time to get this med so im glad to finally be on it. Anything that i should keep an eye out for or things to remember while on this medication?
  5. Nausea


    I think i have mucus in my stool, but im not possitive. What signs am i looking for? Should i be concerned?
  6. Nausea

    Crohn's and Nicotine?

    Hey, I know that Crohn's is exacerbated by smoking. Is it the nicotine or the act of smoking that is the problem? If i chew nicotine gum, would that f-up my gut? I own a vaporizer, is this a viable loophole? For nicotine or anything else *cough*? What about chewing tobacco?
  7. Nausea

    Crohn's edits my life

    Hey, im Nausea (named after Sartre, i rarely have nausea). But anway, diagnosed late last year after two months of constant pain, and i mean ever waking moment. But i still tried to hold a job, high school, and a vibrant social life. Fast forward 6 months, graduated high school, had to quit...