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    Remade Not working, Dr suggested Stelara - Advice?

    Yes, Stelara works very well. Also minimal side effects. Luckily, i was able to start Stelara first without trying other biologics. I am glad I did. Hope your Stelara journey goes well. By the way, it takes up to 6 to 9 months to work. Also, you may need an increase in dose to every 4 weeks if...
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    1st Remission result because of Stelara. OMG!!!

    Glad that you are in remission. However, it seems rather odd that you were continued on steroids and aminosalicylates for all this time if your disease was not in remission.
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    Where to start?

    Hi Ya'll, I am diagnosed with crohn's for about 1.5 years (terminal ileum), likely had it for many years prior. I am thinking of starting a diet. Debating SCD vs. Paleo. Where do I start? I stumbled upon this website, wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this resource...
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    Stelara and Neuropathy

    Hi All, I have been on Stelara for the past year and it has controlled my symptoms. I have noticed recently some numbness on my right toe. Does stelara cause peripheral neuropathy? I have been on a very low dose of sulfasalazine (250mg daily), but doubt that is the culprit. Looking forward to...
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    Antibiotics and Crohn's

    I have a tooth abscess, and my doctor recommended that I take cipro. He also said that I can wait a little bit and do other remedies (mouth washes etc). Is there a high risk for taking cipro?
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    Hi All, I was diagnosed with Crohn's one year ago. My symptoms have resolved, knee arthritis resolved, and inflammatory markers normalized. however, I recently got an MRI after colonoscopy and the MRI shows active inflammation. If the MRI shows active inflammation, and everything else is...
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    Humira + Methotrexate?

    I am currently on Stelara. However, my GI/rheum docs want to switch me to Humira because they think it helps better with the joints (synovitis). My GI symptoms are controlled on stelara. The GI doc wants to start me on Humira PLUS methotrexate to prevent antibody formation. However, it seems...
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    Not sure if Stelara is Working!

    I started Stelara 8 weeks ago. Short story is that I have bilateral knee swelling and mild/mod terminal ileum inflammation. Only started treating 4-5months ago. I continue to have knee swelling on Stelara. Got a right knee injection last week, which cleared up the swelling, and now the left knee...
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    Has anyone had any experience with antibiotics for crohn's. I keep reading that antibiotics might help control some of the bacterial overgrowth. However, my IBD doc hasn't mentioned antibiotics. I feel like it can be worth a try. The doc did state that taking antibiotics can sometimes even...
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    Sinus Infection

    I think I have a sinus infection. Been feeling congested, and lots of post nasal drip. Anyone have a sinus infection while on Stelara? If so, what should I be worried about?
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    New Treatments

    Are there any new biologics coming out in the pipeline for Crohn's? Kinda worried that this stelara might not end up working.
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    Hi all. I have had a mild anemia on iron supplements (325mg iron sulfate twice daily). I have been on it for a few months. I have also only been recently diagnosed with Crohn's. Last I checked the iron sulfate didn't seem like it was helping much. I did notice that my iron tablets are enteric...
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    Low dose Prednisone

    I am on bridge therapy with 5mg Prednisone for knee swelling and waiting until the stelara works for knee swelling. I have been on this dose for knee swelling for 4 months. One doctor says I should discontinue while another says it is fine to stay on a little longer until the stelara works. What...
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    Alternative Medicine

    Anyone try alternative, complementary therapy. For instance LDA therapy? (Low dose antigen therapy). I had a consultation with this integrative medicine doc, and feel like this is a whole bunch of snake oil. Wondering what your thoughts are.
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    Knee Swelling

    Anyone had any luck with Stelara for knee swelling? Long story short, my battle with Crohn's began with unexplained knee swelling. 3 years later I have been diagnosed with crohn's. I am currently on low dose prednisone, but am hoping that Stelara would help with my knee swelling. Any thoughts...