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    I am on my first round. Seems to be working well. It's weird treating this, as I feel like when I had a real crohn's flare diagnosis it was easier to treat. Now I am not sure if I am treating the IBS or IBD. I hope it still continues to work after I discontinue the xifaxan.
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    how is the xifaxan working?
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    I have recently had symptoms of what I thought was Crohn's (gas, bloating, cramping, soft bowel movements). MRI shows no active inflammation. Tapering on Uceris. My doctor says I should try xifaxan. Anyone have experience with this drug?
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    What meds have failed before you starred stelara?

    Interesting. Only one injection per year?!
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    Repeat Loading Dose of Stelara

    So apparently the MRI showed no signs of inflammation. Doc thinks it may be SIBO. Although I am thinking maybe these symptoms are caused by the Florastor probiotic i've been taking.
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    Stelara and Neuropathy

    Yeah, mine resolved. Don't think it was stelara. I think it is most likely the Flagyl for you.
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    Stelara Cancer Risk

    I've been on stelara for over 2 years. Does anyone know if Stelara has an increased cancer risk compared to other biologics. And if so, is it worth switching to an anti tnf. Stelara is the only drug I tried.
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    Repeat Loading Dose of Stelara

    Just got the MRI yesterday. Anxiously awaiting the results.
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    MRI Enterography

    I am scheduled to undergo an MRI with gadolinium for a recent crohn's flare. I am having some reservations since I already had 2 MRI scans before. Should I ask my GI to schedule me just with oral contrast? I've just been reading various reports of long term toxicity with repeated MRIs. Any...
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    Reloading dose of Stelara....any success?

    Chronic_Ramgles, any luck with the reloading dose of stelara?
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    Repeat Loading Dose of Stelara

    Hi Everyone, Just want to say I appreciate this site as an amazing resource! I have been on stelara for 2.5 years, and it has worked amazing. Over the last 2 months I have had a flare. Few months prior to the flare I was on augmentin for a sinus infection. Previously I responded very well to...
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    CVS Caremark cooler

    I think you should be fine. I had a similar issue and they said the medication can be left out up to 8 hours in room temperature before there are any issues.
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    Stelara stopped working

    I am beginning to wonder whether I have lost effectiveness from the Stelara. I have been on Stelara for 2.5 years. Last 2 months started getting symptoms. I was previously on every 4 weeks, then de-escalated to every 6 weeks. Getting MRI this coming week to see where inflammation is currently...
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    Crohn's Flare with Normal Inflammatory Markers?

    Symptoms have improved markedly on uceris, but still have bowel sounds and gas. Previously that has been a sign of active disease. Maybe adding oral prednisone would help? Definitely no longer having urgency and diarrhea like i did before.
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    Eye Problems / Iritis

    You would know if you have iritis. Decreased vision and light sensitivity are the main symptoms.