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    Travel to USA question

    I'll be travelling from the UK to New York and Boston soon for a holiday. Does anyone know if it's OK to take co-codamol tablets with me? I'm not sure if they're different across the pond, but here they are made up of 8mg codeine/500mg paracetamol per tablet and they are available to buy over...
  2. nitty

    Very high anti-Humira antibodies, no symptoms - what to do?

    So, just when everything seemed to be going so well - now there's a spanner in the works. I've been on Humira for just over a year now (along with Salofalk granules) and, after a little steroid boost, it has worked very well for me and I was settling down to carry on on this regime for a good...
  3. nitty

    ...and Congrats to Siobhan-Marie O'Connor

    Despite having ulcerative colitis, swimmer Siobhan-Marie O'Connor has also won a silver medal at the Rio Olympics - this time for Team GB in the 200m Individual Medley. :applause::congratualtions:
  4. nitty

    'Joint' pain - what to do?

    So, it seems that the pains I am having have not been caused by Humira 'withdrawal' as it has continued even after my last jab. Rather than being joint pain as such, it is more like the connective tissues, mainly tendons, with a little skin discolouration like mild bruising at the affected...
  5. nitty

    Joint pain in the run up to next Humira injection?

    Hi everyone! I started Humira in January and started off well (just needing a burst of Pred to kick-start things). But recently I've been getting tendonitis/joint pains which start in my hands and then move to my arms and knees. Last night was crippling and I could hardly do anything at all...
  6. nitty

    Hair - Humira or hormones?

    This is really one for the ladies out there. In the last few months I have noticed that my hair is producing little/no oil. I'm not complaining as it means I am now only having to wash my hair once a week (and that's only because I feel I should, as it's not actually getting oily). My skin...
  7. nitty

    Steroids for remission then Humira for maintainance - anyone managed this?

    Hi there! Having been in a flare of proctitis for a year I am now 8 weeks into Humira but with no improvement. After stress made my symptoms worse 3-4 weeks ago I am now on a tapering dose of Pred along with Pred suppositories. The aim is to use this to get on top of things and reach...
  8. nitty

    If Humira fails, which biologic to try next?

    Hi there! I'm currently on Humira and still at the start of it (five weeks in - have had loading doses 160mg, 80mg, and had one 40mg dose so far). There has been absolutely no change and even some worsening of symptoms. I know I have a while longer to wait to see if it is effective, but I'd...
  9. nitty

    Has anyone got worse before getting better on Humira?

    Hi there! I have Crohn's colitis (more like just proctitis with this flare). I have had symptoms this time for nearly a year since having to change meds due to side-effects. My symptoms are mainly urgency, frequent BMs and mucous. There was some blood, too, but that pretty much resolved with...
  10. nitty

    Question about immunity

    Hi everyone! Can anyone tell me about the differences in how Azathioprine and other meds (biologics) affect the immune system. This is because I have had to stop taking Azathioprine because it has allowed cytomegalovirus (CMV) to take a hold in my colon during a flare due to the...
  11. nitty

    Anyone with experience of CMV colitis?

    Hi there! After struggling to get the better of a recent relapse of Crohn's Colitis, my GI suggested getting some biopsies to test for CMV (cytomegalovirus). The test came back positive so I now need to stop my Azathioprine and start some antivirals. I just wondered if anyone else out there...
  12. nitty

    Improvement but not remission yet - how long to persevere?

    Hi everyone! Brief history: Diagnosed with Crohn's Colitis nearly four years ago. After a bit of tinkering with meds I was well controlled on a combination of Mezavant and Azathioprine for two and a half years. I stopped the Mezavant (with GI's agreement) about 9 months ago due to fatigue...
  13. nitty

    Is Salofalk better than Mezavant for left-sided Crohn's Colitis?

    Hi everyone! With my consultant's agreement I stopped taking Mezavant tablets about 6 months ago due to feeling generally run down and achey, and this did seem to help me feel better. I am continuing to take 125mg Azathioprine daily. Unfortunately I started getting rectal symptoms again about...
  14. nitty

    Are we at risk of nutritional deficiencies while in remission?

    Hi everyone! I was just wondering whether I still need to be taking any supplements as I am, in my eyes, in remission and living a pretty normal life now (Hooray!!). I have Crohn's colitis and have been on azathioprine for over 2 years. Since I stopped taking Mezavant 3 months ago my gut...
  15. nitty


    Hi! I'm not sure whether this comes under EIMs or treatment side-effects, so I've put it in the general section. Does anyone out there have any problems with tendonitis? I have had problems with my left shoulder (front deltoid pain, also causing clunky movement in the whole shoulder) for a...