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  1. nmgonzo

    MRSA in wound

    September of 2013 I had permanent colostomy. Here I am still packing two wounds on my backside. One is an old fistula and the other is where my rectum was. Each measures 7 cm deep. I had an MRI a couple weeks ago that showed a fluid filled pocket just below my tailbone. They went in an...
  2. nmgonzo

    Fistula formation after ostomy surgery

    So 16 days ago I had a permanent colostomy surgery done. I had many Peri anal fistulas that were not responding to medication. I have two wounds where the fistulas were that we are packing to heal from the inside out. About 4 days ago the drainage increased and I even started to have...
  3. nmgonzo

    Looking for some help!!!!!

    I have a long history of Peri anal disease with many fistulas. Currently with 8 setons in place. Have tried Remicade, Humira, Cimzia, Azathioprine. Saw the surgeon last week and going ahead with ostomy surgery. Now the big decision is to go temporary or permanent? Oh, and anal stenosis...
  4. nmgonzo

    Remicade for the second time

    I am just curious if anyone has ever been on Remicade, taken off, tried Humira and Cimzia then back to Remicade? I was on Remicade for several years and it kept my fistulas under control. I was taken off due to some joint pain. Since then I have been on Humira and taken off that due to...
  5. nmgonzo

    Looking for a little help!!!

    I have been dealing with multiple abscessess and fistulas for years. My GI finally referred me to a GI that is more specialized in Crohn's. I have seen her and have had a CT, MRI and colonoscopy just done today. They have seen three fistulas and there is anal stenosis. I guess it's no wonder...
  6. nmgonzo

    First time for me

    I have been dealing with peri rectal abcessess and fistulas for many years now off and on but the other day something very different happened. For the last three months I have had consistent, stinky drainage from two fistulas. The other day in an attempt to have a bowel movement liquid stool...
  7. nmgonzo

    Not sure what to think anymore!

    Hello everyone!!! My name is Nicole and I am a 35 year old wife and mother of 2. I work as an RN for the last year and a half. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease as a senior in high school. I had my first surgery within two months of my diagnosis in 1994. The following year another...