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    Hard lump that dissolves with massage. Anyone else?

    Lately I have been getting a hard lump (almost like a half tennis ball feel) in my LRQ. I know I have a narrow stricture there. I massage it and gas noises appear and then it goes away and comes back again throughout the day. I don't have any other symptoms and am curious if anyone thinks I...
  2. nogutsnoglory

    Dating/romance with a seton drain

    I think this is a tough one, especially when it is in the private parts, make some acts impossible and may turn off a potential partner for that reason or the gross factor. Love to hear others thoughts.
  3. nogutsnoglory

    Oatmeal - safe?

    Oatmeal does get mushy when boiled and microwaved but it still has hard pieces that can't be chewed through. I am told it is very healing to the bowel but worry about it getting stuck or knicking away at inflammation. Are these allowed with stricture? do people here do well with oatmeal?
  4. nogutsnoglory

    Low grade fever after abscess drainage surgery?

    Is low grade fever normal after perianal abscess drainage with seton placement?
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    Pelvic MRI says "probably old abscess"

    Pelvic MRI without contrast shows area that says "probably previous abscess" but I have had abscess on the other side too. I am curious why this would pick that up but not any other surgical artifact from both the left and right that had abscesses. The report says no abscess or fistula though so...
  6. nogutsnoglory

    Iron infusions not working

    I have been dropping and severely anemic and iron infusions don't do anything. I don't know why or what to do.
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    Has anyone had any luck with supplementing with quercetin in terms of feeling better? It is supposed to inhibit mast cells which may be over active in IBD.
  8. nogutsnoglory

    Oxetan commercial

    I just saw a commercial for a gel used for acne called Oxetan. Interestingly enough they said those with crohns or colitis should not use it. 1. I never hear crohns mentioned on commercials with the exception of humira. 2. It's interesting that even a gel is dangerous. This should empower the...
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    Would MRI without contrast show abscess/fistula

    Would an MRI without injected gadolinium show an abscess or fistula in the butt? How much of a difference does the injected contrast make?
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    Anyone tried an anti-viral?

    New research has shown that a lot of viruses are at play in IBD. To my knowledge no trials have examined the use of anti-viral drugs and their impact on crohns. Has anyone had personal experience for better or worse?
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    Do I have to take meds before surgery?

    The nurse told me what meds to take and which not to but can I just not take any of them? Would they refuse my surgery?
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    Anyone on it? Does it affect your crohns in any way? How do you feel on it for pain etc?
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    Anaphylaxis anxiety

    I'm not sure how common this fear is but it's really affecting me greatly. Im in total panic attack mode about getting anaphylactic shock due to medicine or food. I think I'm so freaked out over it that I start imagining my throat is closing up or im choking when nothing is happening. As with...
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    "Tushy" bidet

    I have wanted a bidet for a while and came across this easy install one called Tushy lol. Thoughts? It seems to stick up in toilet water I'm just a little germaphobe so I want to make sure I'm getting clean water only which it's supposed to Worth the purchase? https://tushy.me
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    B12 shot, hit a vein

    I hit my vein with my b12 shot and gushed blood. I'm hoping it's ok that it went there and I hope it gets absorbed so it wasn't done in vain. Get it vain vein? Such a crohnie comedian I am.