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    Pain from Stricture?

    I started Entyvio about 6-8 months back and after a few months started to feel better. In July my GI did colonoscopy and it looked great. About 90% improved from when Stelara was not stopping inflammation. Only problem is one short stricture in the ileum near the terminal ileum. The scarring is...
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    Doctor considering first surgery

    Thank you for all the information everyone. Right now doctor says we have to get it into remission before any surgery discussions so started Entyvio and taking Budesonide in the meantime since they say Entyvio takes awhile to begin being effective. Once that is done I'll discuss options with...
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    After Entyvio having abdominal pains and cramps

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. I was curious because your post sounded a little similar to what I'm going through but I just started Entyvio. Did you have any adjustment issues when you started with this? I just had my first infusion and going back next week for number two. I had been on...
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    Fails with other Biologics

    No, it’s another anti TNF like Remicade so not sure if that is why my Dr hasn’t suggested that.
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    Fails with other Biologics

    Just started talking with my Dr about trying Entyvio because I have already been through Remade (two years of working then nothing), Stelara (apparently never worked for me) and, of course, all the other early diagnosis fails with Budesonide, etc. I have Crohn's only in my terminal ileum and it...
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    Doctor considering first surgery

    That is great information - thank you so much!
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    Doctor considering first surgery

    Yes, that’s what I noticed. Thank you for some positive news on a distressing day!
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    Doctor considering first surgery

    Thank you - that is good information! I am not sure if I technically qualify as early surgery since I was diagnosed 10 years ago and have gone through Pentasa, Budnesidone, Remade and now Stelara but fingers crossed.
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    Doctor considering first surgery

    I just had a colonoscopy that showed that Stelara is not working for me. This is only a year since Remade stopped working for me after working for only a couple of years. My doctor mentioned that we should also consider surgery at this point since biologics don't seem to be working for me. He...
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    Symptoms after injection

    Does anyone else get GI reactions the first week or so after injections? I’m trying to determine if it is actual Crohn's or the drug. For something that seems to be helping GI issues I continue to see a pattern of GI side effects immediately following dose. I tend to have a few days of...
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    Remade Not working, Dr suggested Stelara - Advice?

    I have been on Remade for about 2.5 years and it worked great at first but about the last 6-8 months I noticed symptoms more persistent again and my ferritin was very low so Dr did colonoscopy and said there was inflammation. Not as bad as before Remade but bad enough. Going to get the blood...
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    Side Effects?

    I have started to have some new symptoms and my GI doc seems to dismiss as having no relation to starting Remicade less than 3 months ago. Afraid I have some new issues happening but wondering if maybe others here have experienced anything similar. First two infusions I experienced some fatigue...
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    Edema, Neuropathy anyone?

    Has anyone experienced ankle edema? I have never had it in my life now shortly after my 3rd infusion my socks are leaving deep marks on my skin. I also have neuropathy in my right foot - started after 2nd infusion. B-12 low normal so tried shots and it helped a little but over a month after sky...