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Just another prairie girl

Montreal Canadiens, NHL, Toronto Blue Jays, being outdoors, music, movies, computers, friends
Jun 21, 1984 (Age: 36)


Celiac Disease, Jan/03; Asthma, Sept/04; Symptoms of an IBD, Jan.28/06; Esophagitis (cured) and Hiatus Hernia, Jan/07; Hypothyroidism, June 14/07; gallbladder issues, Dec/07; Lumbar facet arthritis, Oct.10/08; Iron deficiency anemia, Nov.3/08 (cured); Anxiety, May/09; Osteoarthritis, Mar/09; Hypertension, Nov/09; Osteoporosis, Nov/09; Levoconex lumbar scoliosis, Mar 17/11