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    Post-surgery update and the problem of food

    We could equally ask, what is it about EEN that makes it work? Here's an interesting recent paper on that subject, which mostly just dispels some myths about certain food additives being a problem but doesn't really answer the question: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/apt.15695 In...
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    Post-surgery update and the problem of food

    MLP, yes, we've tried that and they haven't been useful at all. But I think you're missing the point of this thread, which is about the effect of food on inflammation. What we'd really like to know is exactly why food is causing such an inflammatory response. It's almost like Celiac disease but...
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    Post-surgery update and the problem of food

    He absolutely refuses soup. You're thinking of kids who aren't picky eaters.
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    Post-surgery update and the problem of food

    Yes, the ileocecal valve was taken out. Probably under 6 cm total was removed. I figured he might have permanently squishy poops now due to the surgery, but the poops recently have looked quite normal (while on all formula). I suspect his labs would look better now, as in October just before he...
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    Post-surgery update and the problem of food

    My son had surgery in September to remove a stricture at the end of the small intestine. He's had a difficult case that's never reached a full remission, and the stricture had most likely been there for years. All of the obviously inflamed part was removed, and he recovered quickly from the...
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    Heard from Doc today

    This is such a hard thing to figure out, and with so many things going on at the same time it gets so much harder. Good luck.
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    MAP and Doctor in Fort Worth/Dallas

    Anti-MAP treatment is promising, but it's still in testing and the results so far are not amazing. It may help some people, but I wouldn't get too excited. You'll also have a hard time finding a doctor who will prescribe it. EEN is a more proven treatment with better results. Biologics also...
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    New to crohns

    I have heard of a number of reports of Humira causing psoriasis, so I would definitely be suspicious about that!
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    Newbies Seeking Advice Input & Opinions

    I'm a believer in antibiotics, and we've also noticed positive results from them. My guess is the cephalexin was really helping. Oral vancomycin may or may not be helpful but doesn't get absorbed and so can't kill any bacteria that may already be in the tissues. The most positive results we've...
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    My sons crohns story. Now remicade??

    Have you tried EEN yet? That might help immediately and give you a little time to decide what to do next. If the choice is 6MP vs Remicade, I'd go with Remicade.
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    Dietary Emulsifiers Directly Impact AIEC Gene Expression to Drive Chronic Intestinal Inflammation

    Interesting! Has any connection been found previously between emulsifiers and Crohn’s in humans?
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    Molecular and Phenotypic Characterization of Escherichia coli Associated with Granulomatous Colitis of Boxer Dogs

    I know, the nutritional studies are totally incoherent. I don't place any reliability on the idea that sugars have anything causative at all (even if sugar may be bad for you in other ways). However, when you look at the studies together there are a couple of things that do stand out to me...
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    Molecular and Phenotypic Characterization of Escherichia coli Associated with Granulomatous Colitis of Boxer Dogs

    Regarding diet, there are a lot of correlations globally and over time between "Western" diets and Crohn's. Of course, since this is an intestinal disease and since diet can be used as a treatment, we have a variety of reasons to suspect diet as a cause. What we don't know is exactly how diet...
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    Doctor considering first surgery

    My take is that even though you aren't in the early surgery situation, this still lends support to the idea that one surgery does not necessarily lead to more and more surgeries.
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    Son starting remicade in a couple hours...

    Honestly I think that with a 102 degree fever, tachycardia, and high white blood cells, they probably need to be treating sepsis first and foremost. I am not a sepsis expert, but this all sounds dangerous and I would not expect steroids, methotrexate, and remicade to be good for sepsis--in fact...