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    New with Crohn's child and 2 otherd

    I am new here. Please help me with my question about SCD for children. My grandson is 10 with Crohn's. His brother is 8 and has autism, but no Crohn's. Their sister is 5. My question is what do you let the other children who don't need the SCD diet eat? Do you have all the kids eat on the SCD...
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    Ng Tube is out - is he in remission now

    Hello I am new. My grandson was diagnosed with Crohsn 8 weeks ago. He had an abscess in his lower interesting and was in hospital 2 weeks. Went home with an ng tube. The ng tube is out now after 8 weeks of enteral feeding. He is 10 and gained about 12 pounds. He will be drinking 2 shakes a day...