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    Hi again! I know, I know, I keep coming back and then going away, but school keeps me busy. That and moving into our new house. I've finally decided to go to the doctor. Mainly because I need some allergy meds because all the foliage at our new house is killing me, but also because this low...
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    Been gone a while

    Hi everyone. I haven't been around for awhile because of school and all that junk. Good news is is that we just bought a new house! We should be moving in within the next month. I guess the bad news is my stupid intestines are stupid, as they always are. Getting stuck with cramps in class is...
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    So after my hospitalization last month, I went to my GI after I got out of the hospital and was sort of able to walk again. While at the hospital it was impossible for me to walk because the pain was so freaking intense. Any movement made my bowels have the most excruciating pain. While in the...
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    What have your weight struggles been like?

    After reading the post asking what everyone's weight was I got to thinking, what have your weight struggles been like throughout your life? I've always bounced all over the place. When I was 12-13 I weighed about 125 and I was 5'5. Everyone thought I was anorexic. At 13 I got put on tons of...
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    Yesterday after visiting the inlaws house I discovered I had a rash on my neck. It wasn't itchy or anything. I was concerned when I was rubbing my neck and felt a ton of tiny little bumps. I looked in the mirror and there are tiny red bumps all over my neck. Like my entire neck except the back...
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    Has anyone here?

    Has anyone here been diagnosed with Crohn's even though all the tests have come back negative?
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    Some people do not understand

    What is it with "normal" people. I mean normal as not living with a chronic illness. I've been going through a really tough time this week. I was in the hospital last week and have been trying to get better. All I've been able to do is lay in bed on pain killers because walking makes my...
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    Let's see...I had my small bowel follow through and upper GI series on Wednesday. You can see what happened here http://www.crohnsforum.com/showthread.php?t=8315 Anyways, my stomach and bowels started hurting and I just brushed it off. The diarrhea stopped which was good, so I went to lunch...
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    Had my UGI/SMFT today

    So I had the small bowel follow through today. It was relatively easy. It went surprisingly fast. Probably about 45 minutes. They did a bunch of the xrays and told me to do a few laps in the hall to wait for the stuff to move around. They ended up having to kick someone out of the room during my...
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    What should I expect with a small bowel follow through

    What can I expect with a small bowel follow through? I'm having one done next Wednesday. Will I have the results right away or do I have to wait for my doctor to review them? They said it could take up to three hours. Does this mean they'll be doing stuff to me the whole time or will there be...
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    Saw the doc again...

    So I saw the GI doc again. He ordered a small bowel follow through. I think he is pretty set on labeling me with severe IBS. He said that I have the most severe case of IBS he has seen or heard of. This comment made me think, "Don't you think that should tell you that it's something else?" I...
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    Stupid bowels

    Seriously, wth... I've been having lots of trouble with feeling like I need to go really bad. Like it feels like I have really bad diarrhea but nothing freaking happens! I get the feeling like having to go really bad and if I am out, I freak out like I won't make it to the bathroom in time but...
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    Has anyone taken Hyoscyamine? My doc didn't tell me she prescribed it for me and I just now found out when I picked up my other medication. Anything I should know? -Edited because I spelled it wrong
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    IBS is such BS!

    I saw my pcp yesterday and I brought in my big ol' list of symptoms and held back tears while telling her I'm sick and tired of feeling like shit all the time. She's not very knowledgable about gastrointestinal issues but she said she would try to help. I was hoping she would give me some info...
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    Back from vacation

    Ugh, my stupid stomach was stupid all of Thanksgiving vacation. The nausea was terrible and the pain sucked. Then last night, our last day, I got a bad case of the cramps. At three am it woke me up and I was up the rest of the night crapping out my insides. :( I can only compare this pooping to...